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CM Modena Airless Automated Table Blast Machine

Stock No
CM Modena
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
Ø 1000 X 750 clearance above table
Work Handling Method
Manual load auto blast / Double door
Other Info
Extra working height machine
Cannock, west midlands, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2200 X 2400 X 3500


CM Modena Euroblast CM1000 

The Modena Euroblast CM1000 is an automated 1 mtr diameter rotary table airless blast machine that was formally sold by the Guyson group within the UK.

These machines have a very small footprint compared to the capacity of the work chamber and is fully self-contained with inbuilt dust control and waste separation system meaning it is very easy to install and maintain.

Mode of operation

The parts are loaded to the rotary table and the abrasive media is gravity fed to the centre of a single turbine blast wheel where it is accelerated onto the components sitting on the rotary table.

Consequently every facet of the component exposed to the blast stream is thoroughly blasted as the table revolves through 360°.

Because of their characteristics, the rotary table shotblasting machines can easily be incorporated in diversified machining installations, adapting to the treatment of various parts of different shape and type.

The Modena CM 1000 (rotary table) Shot blasting machine can easily satisfy a variety of blasting needs, providing excellent results in terms of productivity, safety and energy savings, thanks to the quality of materials used, and the safety standards applied.

Typical Uses of the Modena CM1000

Cleaning of dies for aluminum extrusion industry.

The shotblasting process carried out by the shotblasting machine allows removing from aluminium extrusion matrixes the impurities that remain following the cleaning process with caustic soda.

Cleaning of moulds for fabrication of glass containers.

The shotblasting process carried out by the shotblasting machine allows removing from hollow-glass dies the residues of graphite or another release material sprayed on the dies during the production process.

Deflashing, finishing of high pressure die castings (engine components, ornamental hardware, aircraft and missile components, etc.).

The shotblasting process carried out by the shotblasting machine allows removing residual burrs and making the surface homogeneous both for aesthetic purposes and as preparation for subsequent treatments.

Core knockout, cleaning (fettling) of ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings.

The shotblasting process carried out by the shotblasting machine allows removing the layers of casting earth following the casting process. The mass of earth that contains the castings is crushed and separated from the pieces by the impact of the shot and even the slightest slag on the pieces is removed by abrasion.

Features include;

  • 3kW blast motor,
  • 1.5Kw 6.2 rpm driven
  • 1000mm rotary table with a 900kg load capacity
  • Maximum single component size 920 x 750 mm High
  • Comprehensive control panel including Ammeter, timer and safety interlocks.
  • Integral bag dust collector.
  • Cyclonic media separation and grading facility.


  • Overall dimensions 1990 x 1940 x 3420 mm approx.
  • Total weight 1500kg
  • Installed power 5.27kw 25 Amps


pdf icon Print / Download CM Modena Airless Automated Table Blast Machine Datasheet

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