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Oakcliffe Rotajet Very Heavy Duty Basket Spray Wash

Stock No
Oakcliffe Rotajet
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
Basket size 1220 x 1220 x 685
Process Stages
Single Stage - wash only
Other Info
Heavy Load capacity 1200 kg
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2320 x 1840 x 2500


Material of construction:

Rotajet manufacture the “D series” of Rotajet front loading spray washing machines from mild steel.
Mild steel is typically chosen for single stage alkaline cleaning applications.

Method of cleaning:

Dirty Components are placed in a workbasket forming part of an integral wheeled frame that may be located on a trolley or fixed platform fitted with rails designed to align with rails located within the Rotajet spray washing machine. 

The loaded basket is then manually wheeled into the wash cabinet and the machine door is closed. 

The washing cycle will commence on pressing the green start button.  Washing is achieved by direct and indirect (ricochet) impingement of a high volume of solvent or hot (70-80° C) inhibited aqueous detergent solution delivered at a nominal 5 to 6 bar* pressure from all sides, below and by means of reciprocating spray arms containing jetting with a V pattern, set in line such that the sprays merge to provide all round coverage of the wash area.

On completion of the wash stage of the process cycle the cleaning solution is recirculated to source via removable (for cleaning) perforated metal filter basket by means of a pneumatically actuated, pivoting shed plate located in the liquid return passage. 

After the pre-set drain period has timed out, the shed plate bias changes to the rinse side and on proving, the rinse pump is activated. At the process cycle end the extraction fan is automatically energised to create a negative atmosphere within the wash cabinet to assist natural thermal draught to clear it of steam. After a pre-set timed drain and extract period, interlocks are negated allowing the door to be opened. Components may then be removed from the machine to flash dry.


 Rotajet D24Rotajet D36Rotajet D40Rotajet D48Rotajet D60Rotajet D80Rotajet D108
Basket Dia. (mm)610760785965122016752285
Load Height (mm)450500610610685840990
Load weight max. Kg.300350600750120015001500
Tank Capacity (l)801003183635689501135
Pump Pressure (Bar)6-76-76-76-76-76-76-7
Pump kW4447.57.51111
Heating kW6121828244242

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