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Schlager Hood (Top Hat) Furnace

Direct From Site Clearance

Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
EURO 45,000 (+ VAT)
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Brand New
Hagen, Germany
Stock No
Year of Manufacture
Brand New
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
2600 x 1600 x 1500 mm (8'6"x5'3"x4'11")
Max Temp
850°C (1560°F)
Other Info
Number of burners: 4 x 70kW
Hagen, Germany
Weight (kgs)
5000 (5.5 US Ton)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3500 x 2500 x 2850 mm (11'6"x8'2"x9'4")


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions hood: circa. 3,500 x 2,850 x 2,500 mm (11'6"x9'4"x8'2") (W x H x D, without burners etc.) 
  • Heating method: natural gas
  • Gas supply pressure: 80 mbar (1.16psi)
  • Gas control pressure: 80 mbar (1.16psi)
  • Number of burners: 4 x 70kW
  • Rated capacity: 280 kW
  • Burner type: Gas high-speed burner with ceramic tube
  • Automatic ignition: yes (high voltage)
  • Flame monitoring: yes (ionisation)
  • Max. Oven room temp 850 ° C (1560°F)
  • Temperature control zones: 2
  • Control type: on - off, cyclical
  • Operating weight: 5,000 kg (5.5 US Ton)
  • Heating gradient: 30 K / h (54°F/h)
  • Arrangement of the burners: alternately right and left in the base.
  • Furnace atmosphere: flue gases with residual oxygen content
  • Air preheating: no
  • Temperature measurement: 2 control element, 2-fold, type K (NiCr-Ni).
  • Ambient temperature: + 5 ° C (40°F)  to + 40 ° C (104°F) 
  • Noise emission: <80 dB (A) measured at 1 m distance
  • Air consumption of the system: approx. 370 m³/ h (13,000 ft³/ h)
  • Power supply: 400 V 50 Hz

Full documentation including EC declaration of conformity and manual is available in German in accordance with Machinery Directive 98/37 / EC and can be translated based on demand (at cost). 
UL Certification optional (at cost)

Furnace features

  • Soundproof combustion air fan including silencer and fine filter
  • A gas inlet and gas safety line, consisting of a ball valve, a gas filter, a rotary gas meter, a pressure regulator with safety shut-off and safety relief valve, a main gas solenoid valve, the pressure switches, the manometers, etc., mounted stationary (KROMSCHRÖDER / ELSTER)
  • 4 gas high-speed burners with ceramic tube incl. The required fittings and valves (KROMSCHRÖDER)
  • 1 heat resistant furnace pressure damper DN400
  • A main switch, an emergency stop switch, various buttons, lamps etc.
  • Fan control and time-controlled pre-and post-ventilation
  • SIEMENS PLC including the required components (cycle control)
  • Paper recorder (YOKOGAWA SR1000)
  • Double thermocouple type K
  • 4 burner controls with ignition transformer (KROMSCHRÖDER BCU)
  • Terminal box for the gas inlet line (RITTAL)
  • Exhaust pipe for the hood furnace made of stainless steel in WSTNr. 1.4828, 3 mm (0.118") thick, 15m (49') long, in 2 sections of 7.500m (25') each
  • Construction of the floor insulation: 
    120 mm (5") fireproof concrete, KDF 45 N / mm2. 
    125 mm (5") FL-stones, group 26
    50 mm (2") insulation board-1.000
    295 mm (11.5") total thickness
  • 5 support benches. Dimensions 1,700 x 520 x 350 mm (5'7" x 1'8" x 1'2"), made of cast concrete with a KDF of 90 N / mm2; 
  • Anchor modules 1,430 ° C / 190 kg / m³ are provided in the edge area

Please note any steel construction or cranes for lifting the top hat are excluded.

Optional Extras

The OEM is available to support the following subject to costs and agreement.

  • Document translation
  • Commissioning of the system in your factory
  • Training of your staff on your site, or at the Schlager factory
  • Packing and delivery worldwide


pdf icon Print / Download Schlager Hood (Top Hat) Furnace Datasheet

Additional files

Dimensional Drawing

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.