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Schlager Drop Bottom Quench Furnace

Direct From Site Clearance

Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
EURO 585,000 (+ VAT)
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Brand New
Hagen, Germany
Stock No
Drop Bottom Quench
Year of Manufacture
Brand New
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
2300 x 3000 x 2200 (7'7" x 9'10" x 7'3")
Max Temp
550°C (1000°F)
Other Info
Quench time < 7 seconds
Hagen, Germany
Weight (kgs)
5000 (5.5 US Ton)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
15,000 x 11,000 x 9,000 (49'x36'x30')


High quality, German made, Class 1 AMS 2750E furnace for aviation products

  • Extreme short quenching time of less than 7 seconds (unloading including door opening) 
  • Full automatic loading and unloading 
  • High precision quenching technology, patented in several countries 
  • Perfect door sealing system for long lifetime Software based controllers SCADA system fulfils the needs of AMS 2750E 
  • Class 1 furnace system according to AMS 2750E, instrumentation type D (type C available) 
  • Qualified Work Zone 2.3 x 3.0 x 2.2 m (7'7" x 9'10" x 7'3")
  • Qualified operation temperature range 240 - 550 °C (460 - 1000°F)
  • Quenching time of less than 7 seconds (unloading incl. door opening) 
  • Job weight up to 1,000 kg (2,200lbs) TUS already passed very properly T5 heat treatment

Worldwide Installation & Support from Schlager

A unique opportunity to acquire brand new, high quality, aerospace grade furnaces from a leading German manufacturer. Available with full OEM process and commissioning support for installation anywhere in the world.

  • Originally manufactured for a wholly owned subsidiary of AIRBUS in southern Germany
  • Step up your production immediately. Available now with no manufacturer lead time
  • High quality, 100% German manufactured, aviation and automotive grade furnaces
  • Unused, built in 2017, and passed multiple temperature uniformity surveys (TUS)
  • Worldwide installation, commissioning and support available from the OEM

1 drop bottom furnace
2 job racks 1 quenching tank and 1 loading place, movable by a rail driven car 1 automatic loading crane system
2 job loading places (by forklift) complete maintenance walks complete fencing and safety equipment
CE-documentation (German language / English etc. available)
UL Certification optional (at cost)

Technical Data
All dimensions width x depth x height 
Dimensions / Weight External dimensions: approx. 15.0 x 11.0 x 9.0m  (49'x36'x30')
Job dimensions: approx. 2.3 x 3.0 x 2.2 m (7'7" x 9'10" x 7'3")
Switching system: approx. 2.4 x 0.6 x 2.2 m (7'10" x 2 x 7'3")
Complete system weight: approx. 50 Metric Ton (55 Us Ton)

Heating System
Heating type: piped natural gas (PNG)
Burner number: 4
Nominal power: 4 x 100 kW = 400 kW
Burner type: German made self recuperative burner in high temperature design firing in radiant double-P tubes (no contact between flue gas and your product)
Air preheating: yes, approx. 470 °C (880°F) @ 550 °C (1000°F) job temperature
Automatic ignition: yes (high-voltage)
Flame control: yes (automatically)
Furnace atmosphere: ambient air in job area 

Temperature Control
Type of controller: PLC based software controller according to AMS 2750E with high resolution PLC input cards
Type of thermocouples: for process Type S (Pt10Rh-Pt) for TUS Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Number of control zones: 2
Operating temperature: 240 - 550°C (460 - 1000°F)
Safety temperature: 570°C (1060°F) safety shut down

Furnace Cooling System
No. of cooling fans: 2 
Type: radial fan Nominal power: 1.1 kW each 
Nominal pressure: 1,000 Pa = 10 mbar (0.14 psi)
Nominal flow: 1,000 m³/hr each (35,000 ft³/hr)
Control: by flaps 

Convection System
No. of circulation fans: 2
Type: radial fan
Housing: heat resistant air guide channels
Nominal power: 15 kW each
Nominal pressure: 1,500 Pa = 15 mbar (0.2 psi)
Nominal flow: 20,000 m³/hr each (700,000 ft³/hr)

Classification according to AMS 2750E
Qualified Work Zone: approx. 2.3 x 3.0 x 2.2 m (7'7" x 9'10" x 7'3")
Qualified operation temperature range: 240 - 550°C (460 - 1000°F)
Furnace class: 1
Temperature uniformity: ± 3°K  (±6°F)
Instrumentation: type D (type C available)
Temperature Uniformity Survey: already passed several times

Quenching Tank
Number of tanks: 1
Type of tank: open bath, single wall movable by rail driven car
Tank volume: approx. 24 m³ (5,300 gal)
Material code: 1.4301
Quenching medium: water
Circulation pump: wear resistant 
Pressure of pump: 4 bar (58psi)
Flow rate: pump approx. 20 m³/hr (4,400 gal/h), adjustable tank flow approx. 80 m³/hr (17,600 gal/h), adjustable 
Cooling system: yes, cooling power off heat exchanger 250 kW 
Secondary cooling: by customer (system is as an option available) 
Temperature control: 1 pc. PT100 
Safety temp control 1 pc. PT100 
Level control yes 
Flow control: yes 

Human Machine Interface
Type: SIEMENS Touch Panel IPC 477D, 22" coloured display
Software: AMS 2750E conform SCADA via SIEMENS SIMATIC WinCC 7.3
AMS 2750E conform batch tracking via SIEMENS SIMATIC PM Quality licences included, software customizing has to be charged

 Visualization as a single station for the Drop Bottom Furnace (DBF)
The visualization consists of a SIEMENS SIMATIC Panel PC (HMI IPC 477D, diagonal 22 ", TFT color display, Windows 7 embedded).
The visualization interface SIEMENS SIMATIC WinCC Version 7.3 and ADD-On PM Quality TYP S PRO (optional) are installed on this PC.

When programming the entire visualization software, the focus is on usability. Operating steps are carried out as simply as possible, so that only short actions are necessary to reach the result. The operation will be coordinated with you to adapt the software to your needs.

The following overviews are shown:
• Plant overview - Diagram of all individual units with the essential data (for example, remaining running times, temperatures, operating hours counter, faults, etc.)
• Charging and water bath with the essential data
• Safety fence with door / door release (optional)
• Gas heating, zone control
• Recipe management (recipe display, recipe input, recipe editing)
• 50 annealing programs can be specified
• annealing program consists of 20 steps (stair curve)
• Graphic representation of the programmer
• Automatic furnace start
• Program input and change only via password
• SAT / TUS correction input and interval monitoring
• Temperature archiving
• recording the temperature data of the existing quench tank - thermocouple type Pt100
• Connection to the company network
• Service menu with extensive setting options
• Visualization of all recorded system parameters and setting values
• Fault indication / management (display, review, simple acknowledgment)
• Diagnostic system including image documentation German / English
• User management
• Backup on the PC and on the server in parallel twice
• Switching the surface language German / English
Optional with batch tracking:
• Enter the heat treatment data
• File names can be specified in such a way that logs are searched for each batch
• Heat treatment data (e.g., job #, recipe, weight, temperature, Alloy, batch, weight)
• Search function after max. 5 heat treatment data
• Automatic log printout in PDF format and on the paper printer

The offering price includes:
1. The furnace only
2. WinCC Systems Software
3. WinCC Tool Copy Project Version 6
4. Software PMQuality
5. Basic programming: running system and visualization

The offering price does not include:
1. Delivery
2. Installation and commissioning
3. Alteration to the program
4. PMQuality installation and commissioning

Optional programmable controls and support are available from the OEM
1x SIMATIC IPC 477D, 22" Touch Display 
Software licenses:
1x WinCC Systemsoftware V7.3, RT (2048 PowerTags) 
1x WinCC Tool Copy Project Version 6 
Programming PLC and WinCC visualization:
Batch tracking (optional):
Software 1x PM Quality TYP S PRO
PMQuality Configuration and Installation (optional): at cost
BDE (Database) connection (optional): at cost
Acceptance measurement according to Schlager standard (optional): at cost

pdf icon Print / Download Schlager Drop Bottom Quench Furnace Datasheet

Additional files

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.