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Sir James Farmer Norton Wet Wire Drawing Cone Machine

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Sir James Farmer Norton
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Wet wire drawing Cone Machines

This is a machine designed for the drawing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals through either 9, 11 or 13 dies. The machine consists of a main gearbox carrying the drawing cones. This is mounted on trunnion bearings which enables the cones to be brought into the horizontal position for threading up. For drawing, the cones are lowered into the liquor tank.

The machine is equipped throughout with ball and roller bearings and all gears run in oil in a totally enclosed gearbox.
As the machine operates on the slip principle, the drawing cones are made of special high-grade har­dened and ground steel. This is necessary to withstand the abrasive action of the wire on the cones.

The dies and cones during drawing are entirely immersed in the liquor tank and, due to the largest diameter cones being in the deepest part of the trough, the turbulence of the liquor is so small on the surface that splashing cannot take place. This turbulence in the bath ensures that the dies are kept free from foreign matter and that both the drawing cones and dies remain cool.
The main drive to the machine is by a single floor mounted electric motor and is usually one of three types: -

1 DC with 2 or 3:1 speed variation
2 AC slip ring with single speed pulley drive
3 AC slip ring with 2, 3, 4 or 6 speed gearbox

The control gear is arranged to give inching and a steady start to the motor to facilitate threading up of the machine.

For the different types of metal to be drawn, the machines would be generally similar but the horse­ power of the motors would vary according to the tensile strength of the wire and the speed at which it is to be drawn.

Illustrations of a typical machine are shown with the spooling gear attached in addition to the finishing block. This enables the wire to be finished either in coils or on spools.

When a spooler is supplied, it takes its drive directly from the machine and is therefore perfectly syn­chronised with it. The drive is through an infinitely variable gear which , once set, operates automatically, reducing the speed of the spool as the diameter increases. This ensures constant wire tension. instead of the usual method of traversing the wire across the face of the spool, the spool itself is traversed back­wards and forwards, thus giving a neater lay of the wire. Spools of varying sizes can be accommodated and can be quickly placed on and withdrawn from the machine. The size of spool shown is for 100 lbs. of wire. However, larger weights can be handled with a heavier design of spooler.

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