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DFRPC 4-48 Down Flow Reverse Pulse Cleaning Dust Extractor

Stock No
DFRPC 4-48
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
16700 // 33480
Filter Area ft² / m²
4592 - 11316 // 448 - 1104
Other Info
Venting unit
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3405 X 2300 X 3500


The DFRPC 4-48 from Riley Industries is from our range of Industrial Dust Filtration Units. 

The DFRPC  4-48The  is a Down Flow Reverse Pulse Cleaning cartridge filter system, comprising of ttriple modular model 4-16 dust control units joined together and serviced by commoned inlet and exhaust manifolds. The unit can be purchased as either a venting unit (filter housing only) or supplied with a new AB fan to match your specific requirements (P.O.A) ( 55 kW as standard duty).  

Many industrial applications will produce waste dust streams which needs to be extracted and filtered accordingly. All of our dust Extraction Systems are made in the UK and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

 Modular Construction

Having three basic designs, 2 module high, three module high and four module high, a large range of capacities can be achieved by simply coupling together any combination of extraction units together with common inlet and outlet manifolds offering not only a wide range of capacities but also dutied systems with independent fans for multi point extraction systems . 

The advantage of sharing a common design, allows any installed system to be expanded at any time as and when it may be required.

The DFRPC 4-48 Dust Extraction Systems offers

  • DFRPC 4-48 Dust Extraction System is built in the United Kingdom
  • Made from fabricated and welded heavy duty 4 mm carbon steel
  • Freee standing fan set to suit the application
  • Ledge less construction and sloping cartridges which eliminates dust buildup and assist maintenance. 
  • Compact design minimises floor space.
  • Powerful performance Filter cartridge technology
  • Cleaning System that provides 30% more cleaning energy.
  • Fitted ATEX rated explosion relief bursting disc panel
  • Cost savings fewer filter changes, reduced filter disposal costs, and less energy usage.
  • Easy system set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Inlet shrouds to prevent direct impingement onto the top tier of elements 
  • Quick release positively sealed dust container 
  • Delta P pressure differential filter monitoring pulse cleaning system

Industrial Cartridge Filter design

The DFRPC DFRPC 4-48 dust extractor can filter highly-contaminated volumes of air in a condensed format. The dust-laden waste gases enter through the inlet by vacuum generated from the fan set. The gases are then filtered through the cartridges and exit through the vents into the clean air plenum at the rear of the extractor. The clean air is then exhausted outside or re-circulated  back into the immediate area depending on the application in hand.

This model has been fitted with our Standard filters but, they also can be offered in a non-woven material for those applications where non-woven cartridge filters are suitable.

The development of downward airflow and inclined media element configurations has resolved the issue of dust retention on the upper surface of the media. It also enables more compact Industrial Cartridge Filter design and enhanced cleaning efficiency as every element is cleaned by its own pulse valve, instead of rows of elements cleaned by a jet pipe arrangement.

The DFRPC delivers optimum performance and is one of the best value dust collectors available in today’s marketplace. 

The DFRPC advantage can be found in the collector’s design featuring a ledgeless hopper in combination with proprietary Nanoweb filter media and reverse pulse cleaning technology, the DFRPC offers strong performances in traditional applications such as metal and wood working, which all adds up to long-term savings and improved performance in most applications.

Fire detection and busting disc protection devices.

The unit has been fitted with ATEX rated bursting disc panels with burst detection sensors and fire detection probes, that in the unfortunate event of either a fire or explosion within the system, they will isolate the machine and shut down the fan preventing any propagation of the flames.  Furthermore an overhead spray pipe has been installed above the filter chamber for use with either a sprinkler or CO² dowsing system. NOTE Fire detection panel not included. 

Types of Industrial Cartridge Filters available

The DFRPC Dust extractors have an extensive range of cartridge filters available to suit most applications. These dust extractor cartridge filters are technically advanced in design to give you the cleanest of returned air. The cartridges being cleaned by compressed air makes the system highly efficient. Cartridge filters can save up to 40% on space in comparison to conventional multi-pocket or tubular bag type extraction systems.

Pleated Cartridge Filter
Pleated Cartridge Filter elements were originally designed and developed for use as truck air intake filters. The media was very simple folded and pleated paper and they served that purpose very well. In the mid 1980's the dust control industry recognised their potential use for low dust loaded non arduous dust collector applications.

Cartridge Dust Filters
The wider application of Cartridge Dust Filters in the 1990's forced the development of sophisticated technical medias to allow the design to be applied to a much wider range of duties. These units are now developed to a point where they offer a very low cost solution to a very wide range of dust control applications.

Available cartridges Types

660 X 352 - 9.4 m² per cartridge

  • Spun Bonded Polyester
  • Spun Bonded Polyester (ANTISTATIC)
  • Spun Bonded Polyester (FULL PTFE MEMBRANE)

Cellulose Filter Cartridges

660 X 350 - 23 m² per cartridge

  • Cellulose
  • Cellulose (FR)

Nanoweb Filter Cartridges

660 X 350 - 23 m² per cartridge

  • Nanoweb (FR) for plasma application

pdf icon Print / Download DFRPC 4-48 Down Flow Reverse Pulse Cleaning Dust Extractor Datasheet

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