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Protech Finishing Systems Gas Fired Conventional Box Drying, Curing / Pre-Heating Oven

Stock No
Protech Finishing Systems
Conventional Direct Fired Box Oven
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
3000 x 4500 x 3000
Max Temp
Other Info
Professionally dismantled
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3600 x 4600 x 3750


Protech Finishing Systems Drying Oven

Protech Finishing Systems offers this walk-in oven, which is ideal for all your drying, curing and preheating applications.

Protech Finishing Systems ovens offer fast ramping and cool down rates for maximum productivity, short cycle times and consistent, reproducible curing processes for all your product loads.

Dryng, curing and pre-warming ovens are used for a variety of applications involving wet coatings, adhesives, rubber and thermoset plastics and composites. The electronics and semiconductor industries use Protech Finishing System's clean process ovens for low temperature epoxy curing and polyimide curing. Protech Finishing Systems specialises in drying and pre-heating ovens that are designed to meet the general process requirements for coatings and drying applications.

Protech Finishing Systems ovens are designed to provide tight temperature tolerance and precise control for repeatable results and uniform airflow that ensure proper processing across an entire load. The ovens are exhausted to effectively remove the VOCs given off during curing, ensuring a safe environment. Best-in-class energy efficiency is achieved with superior insulation and cabinet design as well as recirculating airflow management. 

Mode of operation:

  • The products, once coated, will move into the curing ovens process chamber,
  • When the ovens are fully loaded the operator(s) will start the drying cycle on the control panel of the oven,
  • Once the drying/curing cycle of the oven has completed an alarm will activate and the oven will switch into 'cooling' mode,
  • When the oven goes into its cooling mode, the air recirculation/exhaust fans remain on to prevent over temperature on the products,
  • Operators then unload theproducts directly from the oven.
  • Once the ovens are emptied the cure cycle starts again (on operator selection at the control panel).

Conventional Direct Fired Curing Box Oven Build Overview

  • 3 metres working width (internal) x 4.5 metres working depth (internal) x 3 metres working height (internal) with double access doors at one end (all sizes quoted are nominal)
  • Twin entry access doors with soft close hydraulic closers
  • Roof mounted plenum heat chamber with direct fired gas burner.
  • Roof mounted ATEX compliant explosion relief panels.
  • Air re-circulation fans mounted on the roof of the oven complete with central bleed off duct work to atmosphere. All internal re circulation ducting.
  • Control console includes a fully adjustable temperature controller, start up, run and fault lights, process timer, standby switch with all necessary overloads, fan controls etc.
  • The ovens are constructed from composite panels comprising of galvanised steel internal and Plastisol outer steel sheet panels. 
  • The panels are insulated with a core of 40mm thick mineral wool insulation to prevent heat loss and minimise running costs. 
  • External and internal wall panel joints are smooth, wall panels and joints are cool to the touch whilst the oven is in operation. 
  • Panels have CNC formed tongue and groove construction. 

Supply requirements :-

  • Electrical supply 25 amps (per phase) 3-phase , N & earth.( flc approx 11 amps ) connect onto control panel isolator. 
  • Gas supply @ 7 inch working pressure, demand 120 kw. connect to gas train isolation valve

Professionally dismantled by ex. Airflow Engineers - JRH Fabrications
Re-installation available by JRH or the OEM - Protech Finishing Systems

 ** Images of ovens dismantled and flat packed, are loaded on to a 45' trailer and depict both OX1839 & OX1841**

pdf icon Print / Download Protech Finishing Systems Gas Fired Conventional Box Drying, Curing / Pre-Heating Oven Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.