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Carbolite Modified Atmosphere Top Hat Furnace

Stock No
Top Hat
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
Ø750 x 750
Max Temp
Other Info
Ex R & D / Upgraded control panel
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2300 x 1600 x 3850mm*


Top Hat Industrial Furnace

Typical applications of industrial top hat furnaces include soldering, the heat treatment of steels and alloys, and ceramics Sintering. The modular design of the static chamber furnace allows it to fulfil a number of different roles, and the versatility of the general purpose industrial chamber furnace makes it ideal for batch processing. 

The top hat industrial furnace provides the perfect temperature distribution thanks to the arrangement of the heating elements and the multilayer insulation included with this high temperature model.

The high temperature chamber furnace is most ideally suited to soldering and sintering.

The Carbolite top hat furnace has an hoist operated vertically moving hood for heat treatment. The moving hood design allows samples to be accessed from all sides. 

The Carbolite hood furnace has internal dimensions of Ø750 x 750 mm with the inner space being circular in design and the base plate having a convenient loading height of 385 mm from the floor. The Bell section is constructed from a high temperature Nickel alloy and the elements are spiral wound Fecralloy which surround the bell. 

The hood moves up and down automatically on guides on a Davy Morris 1000 kg two speed overhead electric hoisting unit for accurately positioning the bell.

The furnace is operated through its cycle with a multi programmable Eurotherm 902P series controller. The inert gas nitrogen atmosphere that can be used within the chamber is monitored and controlled by its own Systech oxygen analyser and the whole process can be monitored and recorded on the Yokogawa Data Recorder. 

Application Examples

annealing, ceramic injection moulding (CIM), debinding, debinding in air, degassing, drying, sintering, sintering in air, sublimation, synthesis, tempering

Standard features

  • Advanced refractory interior, used in combination with energy efficient low thermal mass insulation
  • Eurotherm sophisticated digital controller, multi-segment programmer and Yokogawa data loggers fitted with RS232, RS485 Ethernet communications
  • Over-temperature protection recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation
  • Gas inlet for operation under modified atmosphere 

Technical details

  • Type of furnace: Lift up bell type with nickel alloy liner and hearth 1000°c
  • Maximum operating temperature: 1000°c
  • Work chamber dimensions: 750 diameter x 750 high
  • Hearth height 385mm
  • Heating elements:  Fecralloy spiral wire elements supported on tubes on 4 sides of chamber (Fecralloy is a Registered Trade Name of U.K.A,E,A.) 
  • Insulation  Low  thermal  mass  ceramic  fibre  on  walls  and  roof of chamber. Graded insulation brick hearth.
  • Temperature sensors: 2 off type k
  • Temperature control:  Eurotherm 902P programmer with 106 overtemperature protection.
  • Power control: Thyristors protected against over-current and voltage transients
  • Location of controls: Located inside box to right hand gantry leg
  • Maximum power consumption: 39kW
  • Power supply required:  100Amp 415v, 3 phase, 4 wire
  • Approximate overall dimensions: 3850mm high x 2220mm wide x 1570mm deep
  • Additional description:
  • The  furnace  and  bell  unit  are  lifted off  the  heath  by  the one  ton chain hoist. This is' provided with fast and slow controls for accurate ·positioning - of· the bell.       
  • The bell is sealed to the hearth by a ceramic fibre gasket ring.
  • A  time clock  is  provided  on  the  control  panel  to allow  unattended  start  up  and  cool down of the furnace.


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