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Lidkoping Model 5 B Through Feed Centreless Grinding Machine

Stock No
Year of Manufacture
CT4369- 4021
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Variable : Belt speed 30 or 45m/s
Uttoxeter, Staffordshire UK


Lidkoping Model 5 B Through Feed Centreless Grinding Machine. 

The LIDKOPING centreless grinder is designed and manufactured to meet practically any challenge in precision grinding. The Centreless is the foundation stone of their reputation as a leader in precision grinding technology.

In centreless grinding, the workpiece is held between two wheels, rotating in the same direction at different speeds, and a work support rest. One wheel, known as the grinding wheel, is on a fixed axis and rotates such that the force applied to the workpiece is directed downward, against the work support rest.

This wheel performs the grinding action by having a higher tangential speed than the workpiece at the point of contact. The other wheel, known as the regulating wheel, is movable. This wheel is positioned to apply lateral pressure to the workpiece and is rubber-bonded to trap the workpiece against both the grinding wheel and the support rest.

The speed of the two wheels relative to each other provides the grinding action and determines the rate at which material is removed from the workpiece. During operation the workpiece turns with the   regulating wheel, with the same linear velocity at the point of contact. The grinding wheel turns faster, slipping past the surface of the workpiece at the point of contact and removes the material as it passes.

In through-feed centreless grinding, the workpiece is fed completely through the grinding machine, entering on one side and exiting on the opposite. The regulating wheel in through-feed grinding is angled away from the plane of the grinding wheel in such a way as to provide a lateral force, feeding the workpiece through and between the two wheels. Through-feed grinding can be very efficient because it does not require a separate feed mechanism; however, it can only be used for parts with a simple cylindrical shape.

This Lidkoping Model 5 B Through Feed Centreless Grinding Machine has been extensively upgraded and reconditioned by CT Centreless Tooling Company ltd, who are Centreless Grinding Specialists that provide a range of services for centreless grinding machines including retrofit, support packages, and reconditioning.

Machine details

Grinding spindle

Main spindle drive permits constant grinding speeds.

Regulating spindle

Servomotor driven via a hypoid gear. Speed range 10 rpm to 750 rpm.

Spindle drives

Belt and pulleys are used as main spindle drive for the grinding spindle.

Cartridge-type spindles

For grinding and regulating wheel enable quick wheel change. Wheels can be mounted directly on spindles, or on a separate wheel mount.

Grinding wheel

Is dressed by a servomotor-driven hydrostatic CNC dresser with fixed diamond or diamond form roller.

Regulating wheel

Is dressed by a servomotor-driven hydrostatic CNC dresser

Regulating wheel headstock

Can be fed manually, or via a servomotor with pre-loaded ball screw.

Adjustable work blade support Spindle drives

Siemens main spindle drive is used for grinding spindle. Servo motors are standard for regulating wheels.

 NUM CNC Control system

The flexible, scalable and high-quality NUM CNC software and hardware graphical user interface provides user-friendly controls and integrated program generator, IPG

NUM control is an open and inter-connecting control system that offers a wide range of functions. including an automatic SBS, SB-4500 wheel balancing system.



Technical Details:

  • Grinding diameters 10-120 mm 
  • Max bar length 6000 mm
  • Peripherical speed 27-33 m/sec
  • Weight: 13 ton (approx.) 
  • Grinding wheel: Ø 660 mm, width: 254 mm, bore: 380 mm,
  • Drive: 60 kW, 380/400 V, 50 Hz
  • Regulating wheel: Ø 406 mm, width: 254 mm, bore: 280 mm
  • Drive 10 kW, 380/400 V, 50 Hz
  • Working height mid of spindles: 1.060 mm


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