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Ajax Tocco Horizontal Induction Bar Hardener With 250kW Frequency Converter.

Stock No
Ajax Tocco
Horizontal traverse bar hardener
Year of Manufacture
G94412 MAN CS7135
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Other Info
Automated system
Uttoxeter, Staffordshire UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1500 x 6300 x 2100


Tocco Horizontal Induction Bar Hardener With 250kW Frequency Converter.

Induction heating is a non-contact heating process which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce heat inside the surface layer of a work-piece. By placing a conductive material into a strong alternating magnetic field, electric current can be made to flow in the material thereby creating heat due to the losses in the material.

In magnetic materials, further heat is generated below the curie point due to hysteresis losses. The current generated flows predominantly in the surface layer, the depth of this layer being dictated by the frequency of the alternating field, the surface power density, the permeability of the material, the heat time and the diameter of the bar or material thickness.

By quenching this heated layer in water, oil, or a polymer based quench, the surface layer is altered to form a martensitic structure which is harder than the base metal

Hardening of the surface is necessary for work pieces exposed to severe work conditions such as hydraulic cylinder rods on earth moving equipment. This process makes the surface much more resistant to scraping, gouging, and denting caused by hard objects striking the outside diameter.

This process is mainly used on hydraulic cylinders; other applications include ball screws to increase the wear resistance in the ball track and other round parts.

A continuously running transport system feeds the steel bars through the induction coils at a consistent speed, controlled by the PLC, and designed for maximum efficiency and production. This extremely accurate and repeatable spiral movement insures consistent hardness and hardening depth throughout the complete bar.

The outer surface heats up to the required hardening temperature. Deeper layers will not reach this temperature during the short heating period and therefore will not be hardened.

Immediately after heating, the bar or tube is quenched with an emulsion or with water. The quenching medium is applied by an automatically operating quencher.

  • Infeed Table 2.6 x 2.5 x 0.9 m
  • Electrical cabinet 0.85 x 2.2 x 3.2 m
  • Cooling system 2.6 x 1.9m x 1.7 m
  • Outfeed table 2.5 x 3.0 x 1.2 m

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