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Hard Chrome Bar Process Facility

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Hard Chrome Bar Process Facility
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Uttoxeter, Staffordshire UK


Hard Chrome Bar Process Facility

** This is an overview of the installation **

JCB Hard chrome bar production pre-treatments facility.

J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited, universally known as JCB, is an English multinational corporation, which is an industry leader in the field of construction, agriculture, waste handling and demolition machinery.

Their strength durability and quality have always been recognised as second to none. 

As part of their ongoing commitment to customer and economic demands JCB in Rocester, Staffordshire, have decided to release their "Hard Chrome" bar production facility in favour of a newer lean manufacturing cell strategy. 

Hard chrome bar

Hard Chrome bar is a chromium-plated steel product used primarily as piston rod material in standard hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Hard Chrome bar is normally used in conditions of high stress, friction and harsh climactic environments, the quality of the base metal and subsequent surface treatments are of paramount importance to achieve these desired characteristics. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness, high yield strength and uniform quality are all essential properties of hard chrome bar.

Hard chrome plating, alternatively referred to as functional chrome plating, can be applied in thick layers for heavy duty industrial applications. It increases wear and corrosion resistance whilst creating a low co-efficient of friction.

With abrasion being the most common and destructive wear process found in industry, hard chrome has the potential to solve many problems in pumps, valves, bearings, etc. throughout a wide range of industries; including pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, textiles, printing, food, mining, and countless others.  

The superior performance of the hard chrome bars throughout their operational lifetime depends on their quality of pre and post treatments: Hardening, dimensioning and surface treatments.

Proper hardening, dimensioning and surface conditioning, in combination with superior base material properties and treatments, can sharply reduce the risk of fatigue, buckling and impact failure while the right surface will ensure low friction and limit the risk of surface damage and corrosion.

Professional decommissioning, chemical removal, cleaning, neutralising, dismantling, move and load to suitable transport 

In order to ensure the plating line equipment is disassembled in a controlled manner which renders it suitable for future reuse it is a JCB prerequisite that Riley Industries carry out the decommissioning and removal work. The successful plant purchaser will contribute towards the cost of the plant removal set at a level of less than 25% of the total cost.

Riley Industries will take the role of Principle Contractor for the purposes of the project and the overall coordination of the works with JCB.

The work is within a live manufacturing environment and must not cause interference with production operations so Riley Industries will provide experienced site supervision during the execution of the works through the services of Will Green FIMF of Plating-Line-Advice. Will Green has more than 40 years experience of supplying and putting to work major plating line installations worldwide, for background information please visit,

Riley Industries will provide an experienced specialist plating plant electrical and mechanical engineering team to carry out controlled plant disassembly suitable for future reassembly through the services of Jacquet Weston Engineering (

Riley industries will provide an experienced specialist confined space entry chemical cleaning team to carry out cleaning of the equipment as it is disassembled to remove residual chemical contamination in liquid and encrusted solid form. It is envisaged that some surface staining will remain due to the nature of the chemistry and the 14 year service life exposure.

These professional services will ensure the safe and managed removal of the plating line for reuse, meeting JCB's high standards in a high volume manufacturing facility.

JCB Hard Chrome Plant Output - Hard Chrome plating installation output in one complete 46 week year, running on a 6 day week – 4.3 million kilogrammes processed, equivalent to 276,000 linear metres’


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