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Fettling Downdraft Table

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Filter Area ft² / m²
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Downdraft and rear wall extraction point
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2450 X 1470 X 2070


Fettling  Downdraft Table

General description and applications

Any metal transforming facility will include welding, grinding or sanding on metals. These processes create harmful pollutants which rise into the worker’s breathing zone. This combination of the downdraft and rear wall extraction method allows the worker to concentrate on the process without having to worry about annoying volatile dust or fume which may escape in the facility and polluting breathable air.

The table has generous proportions of 2380 X 770 X 1160 to take even the bulkiest of pieces. The perforated work surfaces can also be reinforced if extremely heavy objects need to be sitting on the table while work is being performed.

Other applications may include dust coming from sanding or buffing wood or plastics, odors resulting from gluing composites, plasma cutting, soldering, capture of plumes of dust resulting from batching/weighing in powder or bulk processing plants. 

The downdraft table has a slotted backdraft suction wall which can be balanced with the control dampers fitted to the rear of the unit. Those two options will create a tunnel effect forcing even more particles to be drawn to the centralised extractor. The side wings fitted to the table eliminates, cross drafts from doors opening and closing or resulting from moving equipment such as forklifts which may also effect table suction so the backdrops and side panels will ensure maximum airflow and efficiency.


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