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Donaldson Torit (DCE) DMC-D2 Dryflow Oil Mist Eliminator

Stock No
Donaldson Torit (DCE)
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
4400 // 7500
Filter Area ft² / m²
40.8 M2
Other Info
2 Units available
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1000 X 1600 X 3400


Donaldson Torit DMC-D2 Oil Mist Eliminator

The Dryflo Difference

Dryflo collectors capture mist like no other filtration system, providing the highest levels of performance, collection efficiency and fast, easy maintenance.

Innovative Technology Provides high performance mist filtration when used individually or in combination with a wet machining operation.

High Performance Proprietary filter cartridge technology significantly outperforms electrostatic precipitators as well as mist collectors that use standard HVAC envelope and cassette filters.

High Efficiency Dryflo provides high filtration efficiency. The Dryflo mist collector, Model DMC-D2 collect airborne mist such as oil, water-soluble, and synthetic coolant from machining operations.

Quick and Easy Maintenance Pressure differential gauge shows when maintenance is required, and unique airside filter retention system allows for quick filter changes while ensuring minimal worker contact with collected oil.

Donaldson Torit DMC-D2 Oil Mist Eliminator

Three stages of filtration, plus an optional HEPA filter, provide a cleaner, healthier work environment as well as a more cost effective means of mist collection. With airflow capacities to 4400 cfm, the Dryflo is a strategic component to meeting industrial and government air-quality standards.

The high efficiency filter cartridges allow air and coolants to be recycled, and the cartridge efficiency actually increases as the unit operates.

Designed to increase the versatility of the unit, standard options include drain collection containers and a hopper screen to keep the hopper clean and prevent drain clogs. A variety of filter media specifically designed for mist collection, from heavy liquid-load to heavy particulate-load applications, is also available.

The optional Ultra-Lok™ HEPA filter removes smoke from machining operations expanding the filtering capabilities of the Dryflo.

Purpose and Intended Use

Airborne mist is small droplets of liquid suspended in the air. Dryflo mist collectors are widely used in machine tool operations using metalworking fluids. Metalworking fluids include straight oil, watersoluble coolants, soluble oil, and semi-synthetic coolants.

These fluids perform a variety of functions such as lubricating or cooling the part or the tool, flushing chips away from the part, and suppressing dust and smoke. Oils and coolants allow machines to operate faster and tools to last longer resulting in high quality parts.

Mist is created in two ways: mechanical action or thermal effects.

Mechanical action refers to aerosol used for light lubrication and generally creates mist greater than one micron in size.

Thermal effects occur when heat vaporizes the coolant, the vapor cools and recondenses into a mist. Thermal effects create mist from 0.01 to 1 micron in size.

Other contaminants, such as dust from the part or the tool or smoke from the combustion of the oil or coolant are also generated when using metalworking fluids. The Dryflo can collect some dust with the mist; however, it should not be operated without mist.

The collector is not designed to handle water mist alone. There should be some type of material to allow coalescing, or water vapor will pass through the filters. The extremes of very heavy oil and light, thin oil should be avoided. Very heavy oil, similar to tar consistency, will not drain while very light, thin oil, similar to gasoline consistency, may evaporate.


During normal operation, contaminated air enters the unit through the dirty-air inlet located at the end, toward the bottom of the unit. The incoming air slows and turns upward, causing large mist droplets and particles to fall out of the air stream and into the hopper. The air passes through a reusable first-stage filter designed to collect and coalesce large droplets and particles. Smaller mist droplets pass to a second-stage filter wrap where the small droplets coalesce into larger droplets.

The third stage of filtration is the pleated filter specifically designed to collect, coalesce, and drain fine mist. As the mist coalesce, the droplets are big enough to run down the element and drain back into the collector. The droplets will drain on both the inside and outside of the filter cartridge. Liquid that collects on the inside of the cartridge drains into the hopper. Clean, mist-free air exits the filter cartridge and discharges through the top of the collector.

Filter media 

The Dryflo filter media, specifically engineered for mist collection, provides high efficiency filtration. The prefilter and wrap allow the filter cartridge to drain and coalesce smaller coolant liquid mist droplets into larger drops. A HEPA or 95% DOP final filter is available for applications generating smoke or when additional efficiency of discharge air is required

Dryflo Filter Media Dryflo filter media is made from proprietary synthetic media incorporating both small and large fibers for optimum filtration. The smaller fibers provide increased filtration efficiency; after mist is captured and coalesced, the larger fibers allow the oil to drain from the filter. The media also incorporates a proprietary corrugation method which maintains uniform airflow and lower pressure while the media is saturated with oil


A prefilter that removes larger mist droplets, metal dust and swarf captured by the collector. A variety of first-stage filters are available: wire mesh thin screen, polypropylene mesh, or a high efficiency first-stage for Advanced Dryflo models only


A three-layer wrap of synthetic high-loft material captures small mist particles into larger oil mist droplets, which drain out of the mist collector.


Collects, coalesces and drains the finer mist droplets generated by metalworking applications. Along with vertically oriented pleats, the third-stage filter cartridge incorporates the Pleatlock™ media spacing system, which enhances drainage and provides a lower pressure drop, higher filtration efficiency and less re-entrainment of collected mist.

400/690 V 15.5A


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