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ITW Gema Magic Plus Powder Coating Application System

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ITW Gema
Gema Magic Plus
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Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
800 wide x 2500 mm drop
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ITW Gema Magic Plus Powder Coating Application System

  1. Gema Magic Plus Paint Application Booth
  2. Gema ez04 MonoCyclone Separator
  3. Filtration Group SFR 08 ATEX Rated Dust Extraction System 
  4. Gema OptiFlex A2 Automatic powder coating system
  5. Gema OptiStar Gun Control Unit
  6. OptiGun 2 AX Powder Application Guns
  7. Gema OptiMove CR06 Reciprocater Control Unit 
  8. Gema OptiMove ZA04 Reciprocators
  9. OptiFlow Powder Injector
  10. Gema Gematic PZ1 Powder Center 
  11. Gema PS5 Powder Sieve.
  12. STS Brandschutz BEKZ-6 CO² Fire Suppression System


Gema Magic Plus Paint Application Booth

Gema's Magic Systems offer a complete solution for all your color change needs.

This simple and efficient design can be adapted to every user's needs in terms of manual pre/post touch-up, number of guns, object dimensions.

Magic Systems remain clean during operation: the non-conductive plastic walls and the self-cleaning floor prevent powder accumulations. Traditional sheet metal booth walls are conductive and attract charged powder particles that accumulate in thick layers on their surface.  Magic Systems’ plastic sandwich walls are non-conductive and do not attract powder. Only a small amount of powder particles can deposit on the nonconductive walls. The charge of the deposited particles create an electric field that repels powder.

Air-knives are integrated in the side-walls of the Magic Systems’ floor. During operation and cleaning air blasts are periodically released by the air knives. The air blasts remove the powder accumulated on the booth floor and push it to the extraction and recovery system. The booth floor remains clean, with just a minimum amount of powder

Magic Systems have very low powder accumulation, therefore the operator can clean the walls and the floor easily and quickly with an air lance. The risks to blow powder out of the booth and to contaminate the ambient are minimised. The risk of colour contamination due to improper booth cleaning is also minimised. Colour change is easy, quick and contamination-free.

In Magic Systems the overspray powder does not accumulate in thick layers on the walls and on the floor. The overspray powder is immediately recovered and reused. The mix of fresh powder and recovered powder remains constant over time. This results in significant improvements of the application quality.

Magic Systems have only a minimum powder accumulation inside the booth. At colour change the operator does not need to remove thick layers of powder accumulated inside the booth. The operator’s health is much better protected. The risk of powder escaping and contaminating the ambient is minimised.

Benefits of the Gema Magic Plus Paint Application Booth

  • 5 to 15 minutes colour change time is easy to achieve depending from application and process conditions. This reduces your line's idle time and maximise productivity for a quick payback. 
  • The Magic Systems are the ideal solution for Just In Time environments.
  • Highest flexibility: you can process an unlimited number of colors in just one compact and space saving booth system. No need for multiple booths, movable plastforms and other expensive investments.
  • Highest quality standards even with metallic powders, structured powders and other challenging materials
  • The reduced amount of powder in the system make the cleaning process even faster and easier and prevents powder waste
  • The OptiCenter's seales powder circuit protects the operators' health, guarantees a clean working environment and avoids powder contamination.
  • The high level of automation ensures stable application results and a clean and repeatable colour change process.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 1900 x 4300 x 3800 mm 


Gema ez04 MonoCyclone Separator

Energy saving during Powder Recovery

The MonoCyclone EZ04 is a further development of the proven Gema MonoCyclone generation. Based on airflow simulations the new Monocylone has been specially designed and constructed to provide the highest levels of energy efficiency during the powder recovery process with a reduction in pressure losses of up to 25%.

The optimised design of the EZ04 provides the highest separation efficiency to meet the highest demands and customer expectations for all types of organic powder. In addition the reduced height requirements and free positioning of the cyclone inlet and outlet enable increased installation flexibility. Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced pressure drop
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Increases plant layout flexibility
  • Reduced cleaning effort with optimised cyclone design
  • Compatible with all Gema booth types for organic powder

Dimensions (WxDxH) 1500 x 2500 x 5150 mm 


Filtration Group SFR-08 018 016x16 S1S S1 ATEX Rated Dust Extraction System 

This unit is manufactured from sturdy steel sheets. The individual housing parts are assembled from bended metal segments that are bolted together and sealed with silicone-free seals.


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low noise level
  • Efficient, energy-saving cleaning with compressed air by means of Filtration Group rotating wing
  • Volume flow range 5400 to 26900 m³/h
  • Filter surfaces 135 to 360 m² Cartridges changed on the dirt air side Worldwide distribution


The dust-laden air flows into the side of the filter housing . The perforated baffle plate in the inlet region assures a uniform flow distribution and enables coarse particles to be pre-separated. As it flows through the cartridge, fine dust is separated on the surface. The filter cake is cleaned off at fixed intervals, depending on the dust load and the filter surface load.

The detached dust drops down through the hopper and is collected in the bucket. The cleaned air flows into the clean air section and is discharged via the blow-out grid. The fully automatic compressed air cleaning system comprises a pressure vessel with membrane valves, an electronic ∆ p controller and the cleaning units.

Technical Details

  • Volume air flow 5400 - 14,400 M³/h
  • Number of cartridges. 18
  • Dust collector Housing material: 1.0037 (DIN EN 10025)
  • Surface protection: EPS powder coating, RAL 7035 light grey
  • Max. operating pressure: - 50 mbar
  • Max. operating temperature: 40 °C with acoustic hood
  • Dust collector capacity*: Type S1: 50 l Type
  • Cleaning system: Filtration Group rotating wing Medium: Oil, dust and condensate-free compressed air at operating temperature
  • Compressed air connection: G½ female
  • Max. air pressure: 4 bar
  • Compressed air consumption: approx. 60 l to 70 l (fad.) per cleaning cycle
  • Pulse duration: 1.5 s
  • Controller: ∆p controlled 
  • Valves: Electric membrane valves
  • Weight 1630 kg
  • Dimensions 1600 x 1600 x 4570 mm

Dimensions (WxDxH) 1850 x 1950 x 4650 mm 


Some of the benefits of the OPTIFLEX system include:

  • 100,000 volts of FirstPass Power™ gives you the ability to coat your parts right the first time - every time. 
  • The OPTIFLEX Series improves profitability by making your operation more efficient. 
  • The simplified user interface gives operators total control flexibility without having to worry about balancing several different settings. 
  • The OPTIFLEX Series decreases your down time by automating coating configurations. 
  • The OPTIFLEX's group of high-tech components are designed to save time in an XTreme Colour Change Environment.™ 
  • The intelligent automation and the latest powder coating technology increases transfer efficiency, reducing the amount of powder wasted. 
  • The OPTIFLEX Series improves productivity, even in more challenging applications such as porcelain enamel.


The OptiStar control module is the key to obtain accurate and reproducible coating results.

  •  Patented Digital Valve Control (DVC) technology for accurate powder output control
  • Clear visual display for direct access to all coating parameters: high-voltage, current limitation, powder output, air volume
  • 3 standard programs (flat parts, profiles and re-coating) and 250 customised programs available anytime via the Display Pilot
  • Powder output alignment for all automatic guns
  • PLC communication via the optional CAN-Bus or DigiBus
  • Closed loop airflow control via the optional Flow Control


More powder on the parts, less in the recovery

The powerful 100 kV cascade and the advanced electrostatic controls ensure the highest transfer efficiency even with challenging powder

PCC technology and SuperCorona improve quality

Improve penetration, reduce orange peel, backionization and picture frames even with difficult powders.

Today’s powder coaters need to use a wide variety of powders, with different formulations and characteristics. Only the ideal charging of each powder ensures perfect coating results. Gema is offering innovative technologies to achieve the ideal charging of even challenging powders like structured and metallic powders, porcelain enamel, 2-coats 1-fire powders, etc.

In a corona gun the high voltage electrode generates a big quantity of air ions. Only part of the air ions really charge the powder particles, the other ions remain free and are attracted by the surface to coat (which is grounded). The accumulation of free ions on the surface to coat can produce an uneven powder layer and the so called “orange peel effect” or “back-ionization” problems.

Most powders need the gun to deliver a high level of charging current in the region of 10 to 100 µA.  Special powders (metallic, enamel, two coat / one fire powders) are high-chargeable and require the guns to deliver a lower and well controlled charging current, below 10 µA. The precise charging PCC technology or the SuperCorona add-on are the ideal solution to provide the right amount of charges needed by each powder type This results in a much more efficient charging process and improved application quality.

Traditional Charging:  In traditional corona guns the regulations of the electrostatic parameters are not very precise. The actual value of the charging current can vary within a significant range in comparison to the set value. As a consequence the parameters can be set only with a relatively large resolution (1 µA / 1 kV or more)

Orange peel effect and back-ionization can happen when the guns are emitting too much charges. These charges accumulate on the surface to coat and create visual defects. PCC technology and SuperCorona help to optimise the amount of charges that are needed by each powder. 


  • much nicer surfaces,
  • even with special powders, even when high film thicknesses are needed

Precise Charge Control (PCC): more precise, high resolution Gema has developed PCC, an electronic technology that allows more precise electrostatic regulations. The electrostatic parameters are kept within a much smaller variation band in comparison to the set values The parameters can be set with a smaller resolution (0.5 µA) and controlled much more precisely.

Precise Charge Control (PCC) mode is automatically activated when Current is set below 10 μA. The OptiSpray display showing the High Voltage and Current control turns red when PCC mode activates.

Powder penetration: Powder penetration into corners is difficult because of the Faraday Cage effect. The electric field (created by the electrode and by the charges) pushes powder particles to the edges of the object, while the electric field is not getting into the corners. PCC technology and SuperCorona reduce the electric field generated by the free ions. 


  • Easier penetration into corners
  • More regular powder distribution
  • Powder savings


OptiMove CR06 Reciprocator Controls

OptiMove axis controller: powerful and easy to program

The CR06 reciprocator control module, with separate power packs, serves to control one ZA04 axis

Features of the OptiMove

  • The stroke can be adjusted with high precision in 1 mm steps. The powder application can be precisely adapted to any object dimension.
  • This versatile and user friendly unit can be used for the control and programming of all Gema reciprocators and axis.
  • The speed can be continuously and precisely adjusted depending on the object geometry, the guns arrangement and the conveyor speed.
  • The OptiMove allows you to create and store your own library of up to 250 stroke and speed programs, optimized for your application needs
  • You can easily combine different segments in one program, each segment with a different stroke and speed. Ideal for challenging applications.
  • The CanBus standard is used to interconnect the system's components like guns, reciprocators, part detection, conveyor speed detection, etc.


ZA04 vertical reciprocator: powerful and reliable

Robust, reliable and easy to maintain reciprocators, with a high loading capacity, very precise movements and easy programming.

This versatile and user friendly unit can be used for the control and programming of all Gema reciprocators and axis.

The twin reciprocators have a high load capacity, and can carry a high number of guns with extreme precision and high reliability.  The  reciprocator is designed for short or long stroke operation and the guns can be mounted in horizontal or vertical arrangement.

The frequency converter controlled AC-Motor drive, the long lasting thooth-belt and the robust design ensure a quiet operation and great stability and they only require minimum maintenance that can be completed easily and quickly.

For automatic transverse, on rails, several positions are programmable. Travel, standard 1000mm, Movement speed up to 0.16 m/s

2 Gun Holders: 1 Gun holder to attach up to 3 Automatic guns each vertically to the reciprocator carriage.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 750 x 1560 x 3500 mm 


OptiFlow Powder Injector

The injector's unique design reduces wear consumption, guarantees a constant powder transport for a long time and an easy integration into any system. A reliable and constant performance is ensured by simply exchanging the cartridge without replacing the whole injector. 

All connections are equipped with a robust quick release mechanism. This enables a time-saving access to all parts. Disconnect and reassemble with an ease. The OptiFlow has a unique design with 135° open angle that reduces wear consumption and guarantees a constant powder flow for a long time.

The OptiFlow precise design, combined with the patented DVC technology ensures precise and reproducible powder output. The smooth powder flow design and the axial sealing guarantee a optimised colour change. OptiFlow injectors can feed more powder with less compressed air. This reduces the wear of the injectors and of the guns.

The OptiFlow injector is designed to be easily installed on OptiCenters and on any normal powder hopper


The PZ Powder center with Gematic control unit is conceived for simple and clean handling of the coating powder and enables a quick color change.

The coating powder can optionally be processed either from powder containers, as delivered from the powder manufacturer, or from a special fluidised container. The powder center is an essential part of the colour change system and is largely responsible for the end product quality.

The PZ powder center is an independently functioning unit with its own powder preparation unit, powder transport equipment with blow-off equipment, an exhaust air system, an electrical control unit and pneumatic control unit.

The powder center is designed for a quick colour change concept and replaces the usual powder coating from fluidised powder containers. Instead of fluidised powder containers, powder boxes or powder manufacturer's containers are supplied for direct use. After using, these containers can be kept in the powder storage room.

In order to avoid colour change problems, well known from practical experience, a fundamental difference is made in the powder center between light and dark colours, to achieve a quick and qualitatively good changeover from light to dark colours or vice versa. This means, that an own set of powder hoses for light and dark colours is provided.

Powder preparation unit

In the powder preparation unit the recovered powder and also the fresh powder are prepared for the transport to the spray guns. The powder box or the powder container, from which the guns are supplied, is positioned on the vibrating table. An additional, local fluidisation enables the powder transport.

Powder transport equipment

In this collective term, the injectors with the suction tubes, the powder hoses and powder level regulation with fluidisation are included. The complete powder transport equipment is fitted on a pneumatic linear cylinder.

Blow-off equipment

The blow-off equipment enables the automatically cleaning or blowing off of the injector suction tubes, injectors, powder hoses and spray guns. The blow-off nozzles required for this, are fitted below the vibration table. One blow-off nozzle is required for each injector. The cleaning procedure must be initiated manually by activating the cleaning key on the powder center. Starting from this time, the cleaning procedure takes place automatically.

Cleaning operation

The booth is stopped on the booth control unit, switched to cleaning operation and the booth doors are closed. The powder container or powder box are removed from the powder center. Now, the activation of the cleaning function can take place on the powder center. The powder transport equipment moves down into the cleaning position.

The injector suction tubes, the injectors, the powder hoses and the guns are rinsed in pulses with compressed air. During the cleaning sequence, the powder transport equipment is cleaned manually on the exterior with a compressed air gun. Detailed information about the commands mentioned in this manual you will find in the Gematic control unit operating manual.

As a part of the process controlled coating plant, it is laid out for fully automatic operation. The most important characteristics of the powder center are: -

  • Processing powder from the original container or from the fluidised container
  • Functional unit with its own exhaust system
  • Integrated electrical and pneumatic control units
  • Powder level monitoring through level sensor
  • Level controlled raising and lowering station with built-in injectors and fluidizing equipment
  • Automatic internal cleaning of the suction tubes, injectors, powder hoses and guns
  • Return of the recovered powder through a sieve machine or directly into the powder container
  • A built-in exhaust unit prevents the escape of powder particles during the coating process and during cleaning

General operating sequence
Powder flow With the typical operation of the powder center, the powder container is placed on the vibration table. The injectors move downwards into the powder through the level sensor, and fluidise the area around the suction tubes.
The fluidised powder is sucked up by the injectors and fed through the powder hoses to the spray nozzles. The powder, which does not adhere to the workpieces, is absorbed by the exhaust air of the booth and separated from the air in the cyclone separator.
The separated powder is cleaned passing through the integrated sieve and transported back into the powder container by the dense phase conveyor  where it can be reused for coating operation.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 1450 x 1900 x 2100 mm 


Gema PS5 Powder Sieve.

A good sieving solution helps to eliminate contamination from the recovery circuit and prepares powder ideally for the feed to the guns.

The Gema P5 is a swing aside sieve located at the base of the cyclone, the swing aside action makes cleaning the screen or changing the size very simle. Once placed back in position pneumatic rams tightly seal the mating faces for leak free operation.

Powder passes through a screen and retains particles with a larger diameters (contaminants). The choice of the right mesh size of the sieving screen is very important and usually requires some compromise, a finer mesh grants a higher-quality sieving, a bigger mesh allows larger powder throughput.  Vibratory sieves are the easier solution, robust and reliable.


  • Available mesh sizes 300 - 500 µm
  • Powder sieve capacity on standard mesh size & depending powder up to 3 kg/min


STS Brandschutz BEKZ-6 CO² Fire Suppression System

CO2Fire Suppression System

  • Vented infrared monitor in the booth.
  • Central control unit.
  • Auto detection shutdown. (powder recovery, powder guns and conveyor).
  • High pressure steel CO2 bottle inc contents monitor
  • CO2 injection nozzles

Dimensions (WxDxH) 670 x 450 x 1740 mm 





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