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BOGE S20 Screw Type Air Compressor

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£ 3,250 (+ VAT)
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£ 2,850 (+ VAT)
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£ 1,450 (+ VAT). Available for immediate collection.
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13 December 2018 15:00 GMT while stocks last
Stock No
Year of Manufacture
91 // 15Kw
Compressor Type
Other Info
German Engineered
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1250 x 1000 x 1165


 BOGE S series screw compressors are designed for flexible and reliable operation in every situation. The industrial compressors offer high quality workmanship and efficient compact design for high operating safety and maximum efficiency.

Intelligent design advantage: The award winning BOGE S series design incorporates a clever cabinet layout with a high quality finish and maximum efficiency. 

INTAKE FILTER WITH PAPER MICROFILTER INSERT quietly intakes air from the cool section of the cooling air flow whilst at the same time intensively cleans it to ensure the longest possible service life of all downstream components. The compressor operates trouble free even in dusty conditions.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL INTAKE CONTROL ensures a valve-less oil circuit without oil stop or check valve and the lowest possible internal pressure losses. It hermetically seals to prevent discharge of oil vapours. A fully unloaded start helps to save energy. The Multifunction control is intrinsically safe in operation and in the event of shutdown fails safe.

AIREND WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR The airend is driven by a class F, IP55 standard motor which is located in the coolest section of the compressor. BOGE motors have genuine power reserves and are therefore not overloaded.

COOLER SECTION The self-sufficient section, where the highest cooling air temperatures occur, is located at the top of the compressor in the cooling air discharge and houses a generously dimensioned aftercooler with separate cooling air fan and cooling air guiding hood. The cooling air either discharges to the atmosphere or ideally, as heat recovery, to supplement space heating via ducting.

INTERNAL PIPEWORK All oil carrying pipes are made of steel terminating with high quality precision threaded joints that are leak proof and safe even under highest pressures. The entire machine utilises only one hose on the clean air side which also serves for vibration damping.

BOGE SAFETY OIL SEPARATION SYSTEM Includes horizontal oil separation reservoir, directly mounted airend and external oil separator cartridge. This innovative system ensures oil separation with virtually no pressure losses and a residual oil content of only 1-3 mg/m3 in every operating phase. The external oil separator cartridge is minimally loaded: a guarantee for long service life.

INTEGRATED SWITCH CABINET The switch cabinet is integrated into the screw compressor housing. It is fully pre-wired and ready for use. The cabinet also houses a quick fit modular microprocessor compressor controller.

DECOUPLED UNIT A sub-frame mounted on vibration damping feet prevents transmission of structure borne sound. A rigid basic frame allows easy transportation by lift truck or stacker truck.

HORIZONTAL OIL RESERVOIR For long service life and high compressed air quality! The oil separation reservoir tank is located in the lowest section of the machine and here rapid oil pre-separation takes place before the compressed air enters the external oil separator cartridge.

CONTROL The compressor is controlled via the BOGE BASIC control with LC display and pressure sensor technology. 

VALVE-LESS OIL CIRCUIT The BOGE screw compressor is designed with a valve-less oil circuit eliminating the need for oil stops or check valves. This function provides maximum operating safety

EASY MAINTENANCE All maintenance parts are easily accessible from one side of the compressor. This reduces maintenance costs to a minimum.

BOGE Model S20-2

Max. pressure

8 bar. 115 psi

Effective free air delivery

2.57 m³/min. 91 cfm

Motor power


Dimensions W x D x H

1250 x 1000 x 1165


350 kg




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