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Walther Trowal CD 300 & G 200 Vibratory Finishing Installation

Stock No
Walther Trowal
CD300 + G200 C
Year of Manufacture
WTV 1822 + WTV 1823
Good Condition, Seen powered at RSW
300 + 200 litres
Circular vibratory bowl + Dryer
Other Info
Includes operating Manuals
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
760+ 290
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1415 x 1305 x 1200


This second hand robust and economical Trowal CD300 circular vibrator match with a G 200 Vibratory maize dryer can be used for the surface finishing and drying of a multitude of different parts and processing objectives. 

Their scope of applications ranges from the aggressive deburring and radiusing all the way up to high gloss polishing of delicate work pieces, i.e. from aggressive cutdown to generating a pre-plate surface finish.

Trowal CD circular vibrators are used not only as economical “stand-alone” machines but can also be integrated into interlinked, fully automatic manufacturing systems.

This Trowal CD 300 has an integrated screening system consisting of manually operated separation flap and a built-in separation screen and acoustically dampening hood.

In conjunction with the G 200 dryer the CD 300 will discharge your workpieces directly from the separation screen into the side catchment tray of the dryer to provide stain free and dry products.  

CD vibrators have a range of standard features that make them suitable almost of of your mass finishing needs:

  • Flat work bowl bottom Ideal for processing of delicate parts
  • Large opening between work bowl bottom and separation flap
  • Extra long separation screens for easy separation of big, flat parts
  • Pneumatically activated separation flap 

The Trowal CD 300 is a universal mass finishing machine that can be applied to a large range of industrial process applications:

The finishing can take the form of:-

  • Deburring
  • Radiusing
  • Rough or fine finishing
  • Descaling or pickling
  • Degreasing 
  • Burnishing or polishing


  • Work bowl/gross volume (L) 350
  • Max Centrifugal force 20,366 N
  • Max workpiece 220 mm
  • Screen Surface: 3434cm²
  • Thickness of lining: 12mm
  • Speed (rpm): 1000 / 1500
  • Max power at 1500 rpm (KW): 1.7 and 2.6
  • Overall weight: 731kg

G200 Rotary bowl maize drier

  • Used for processing requiring clean and stain free surfaces
  • Can be configured to dry in a single pass or multiple circuits dependant on the complexity and entrapment area's of the component
  • Energy saving, high heating efficiency  
  • 2 stage heating 2 x 3kW
  • Helically shaped bowl graduation allows gentle work piece processing in one circulation
  • Serial no: WTV 1823
  • Year of manufacture:- 2003
  • External dimensions: (WxDxH) 1160 x 1240 x 1050
  • Total Volume (litre) 200 
  • Work envelope:- 300 x 300 (spiral)
  • Largest work piece dimension: - 200mm
  • Useable volume work piece plus drying media:- 130 litre
  • Driving power at 1500 rpm: - 1kW
  • Empty weight: - 290kg

pdf icon Print / Download Walther Trowal CD 300 & G 200 Vibratory Finishing Installation Datasheet

Additional files

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