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Fercell JKF M4 DHL/E Modular Dust Extraction Plant

Stock No
M4 DHL/E Modular
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
20,000 // 37,000
Filter Area ft² / m²
3220 // 314.2
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
4400 long x 2550 wide


JKF’s / Fercell M4 DHL/E is a four cell modular dust baghouse filter.

The baghouse dust collector is designed for medium air volumes and can handle large material concentrations. It is a modular dust collector made of galvanised steel sheet with a supportive steel frame, which is suitable for outdoor use. The modular filters can have up to a total of 30 single modules connected, so the capacity can be increased as the production rates increase.


The M4 DHL/E is fully constructed from 1.25 and 2 mm galvanised bolted steel sheets, fitted with combined inspection and explosion relief doors.

The M4 DHL/E contains 112 PE40/PE25 standard filter medium socks, each being 200mm in diameter and 2500 mm long, offering a total filter area of 314.2 m3/h.. Filter cleaning is by means of a twin shaker frame and motor assembly designed for intermittent cleaning during down time periods. 

The Fercell M4 DHL/E unit has been configured with, a rotary discharge valve, and secondary transfer fans to distribution the collected waste to a separate hopper, skip or silo waste storage.

Operating range

  • Pressure: + 2500 Pa
  • Air volumes to 37,000 m3/h (22,000 CFM) 
  • Max. operating temperature: 70°C
  • Min. operating temperature: - 20°C


The medium-sized/large particles are pre-separated in the filter hopper in the inlet section whereby the collected waste material dropped into the silo hoppers and discharged via a rotary valve to the transfer duct at the base. 

The twin 45 kw extraction fans supplied with this unit allow for split process capability and a 50/50 duty cycle, reducing running costs where applicable.

The filters are optimally designed for use with a break to clean the filter bags every four hours.

Design features

  • Handles air volumes to 37,000 m3/h (22,000 CFM) 
  • Compact and adaptable design. 
  • Suitable for handling large volumes of air with heavy material contamination 
  • Designed for operation with 15 minute breaks for cleaning, approx. every four hours 
  • Over pressure or vacuum  up to +2500 Pa 
  • Explosion relief sideways 
  • Easy to install on site and extend when required 
  • Low energy consumption

Fan Specifications (x2):

  • Indirect drive centrifugal fan with shaft mounted taperlock bushes allowing easy replacement for fan speed change.
  • Max operating temperature 70C
  • Operating range 8000 - 25,000 m³/h
  • Pressure range 160 - 600 mm WG
  • Impeller diameter 800 mm
  • Weight 300 kg

Currently flat packed for ease of transport 

pdf icon Print / Download Fercell JKF M4 DHL/E Modular Dust Extraction Plant Datasheet

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