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BOGE C15 LDR Compressor

Stock No
CLD 15-350
Year of Manufacture
115 // 11
Compressor Type
Other Info
3 in 1 set
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1960 x 720 x 1365


The state-of-the-art compressor: Extremely quiet, compact & efficient – the ”large“ BOGE C series has set industry standard in specific power and sound pressure values.

A class of its own:

The directly coupled screw compressors of the C series are space saving and extremely efficient at the same time. They are available with horizontal receiver and/or top mounted refrigeration dryer and can flexibly be adapted to suit particular application requirements.


Screw compressor with refrigerant dryer mounted on a compressed air receiver, direct coupled, oil lubricated air receiver, direct coupled, oil lubricated.

Screw compressors custom made by BOGE have for decades been synonymous with efficient and reliable compressed air supply to trade workshops through to industrial companies. The BOGE C series is a trendsetter in its class: less noise, less pipework, less connections in contrast, more output, more individual configuration possibilities and more efficiency and requiring a minimum of space only. 

CONTROL The compressor has the base control system with LC display and pressure transducer technology. FOCUS control is available as an option that offers additional monitoring and control features. focus control 2.0 is also programmed to act as a changeover switch and can control up to four compressors.

INTEGRATED DESIGN The integration of all essential components in the compact module serves to eliminate pipework and to reduce flow losses: for maximum operating dependability and efficiency!

COMPACT EFFICIENCY The BOGE C series is engineered to generate high free air deliveries in continuous operation and in a incomparably efficient manner. Due to its compact design space requirements are kept to a minimum: an installation surface of less than 1 square metre is sufficient.


  • heat recovery can be integrated
  • compact design
  • refrigerant dryer included 
  • directly coupled with receiver
  • extremely quiet
<th class="boge-table">BOGE</th><th class="boge-hochstdruck">Pressure</th><th class="boge-effective-liefermenge">Effective Delivery Volume 
50 Hz</th><th class="boge-motorleistung">Motor Power</th><th class="boge-mase">Dimensions 
W × H × D</th><th class="boge-gewicht">Weight</th><th class="boge-table">Type</th><th class="boge-hochstdruck">bar/psig</th><th class="boge-effektive-liefermenge">m3/mincfm</th><th class="boge-motorleistung">kW/PS</th><th class="boge-mase">mm</th><th class="boge-gewicht">kg</th>
C 15 LDR8/1151.81063.911.0/15.01960 x 720 x 1365380
C 15 LDR10/1501.74061.411.0/15.01960 x 720 x 1365380

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