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Hedinair Composite & Plastics Curing Oven

Stock No
Curing oven
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
2290 X 1380 X 450
Max Temp
Other Info
Ex Rolls Royce Oven.
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2900 X 2670 X 2700


Hedinair Composite & Plastics Curing Oven

Designed, manufactured and quality assured by-Hedinair , this is a fully featured professional industrial curing oven industrial installations.

The oven is particularly suited for composites use, including curing or post-curing laminates, prepregs, thermoplastics, castings and moulds.

The precision manufactured, sturdy design is engineered for demanding everyday production use. This curing oven has been meticulously designed to offer unrivalled thermal efficiency.

Area's of usage:

  • Prepreg Curing Oven. With fully programmable precision temperature control with ramp and soak functionality, is the ideal workshop prepreg curing oven for carbon fibre and glass fibre components and tooling. The large internal capacity allows this compact oven to cure a surprisingly large payload of vacuum bagged parts.
  • Oven for Curing Composite Parts and Moulds
  • Post cure Many resin systems used in components or composite tooling do not achieve their full mechanical properties without an elevated temperature post-cure. The Hedinair oven can be used in production areas to post-cure composite laminates, coatings and tools to speed up their cure, increase mechanical properties and achieve maximum Tg.
  • Casting Resin and Silicone Curing Oven. The precise temperature control, low running costs and practical workshop dimensions of the Hedinair oven make it an ideal resin curing oven for casting resins such as polyurethane and epoxy. By oven curing fast-cast polyurethane castings improved mechanical properties can be achieved whilst considerably shortening demould times, allowing moulds to be cycled faster - increasing production and quality.
  • Thermoplastic Curing Oven. The high 225°C upper temperature capability of the Hedinair oven and very high thermal efficiency make the oven suitable for the moulding of thermoplastic materials. With the addition of vacuum ports fitted in the oven, co-mingled thermoplastic reinforcements can easily be vacuum bagged and cured in the oven under vacuum.
  • Materials Research and Development Oven The precision PID temperature control coupled with multi-stage programmable ramp and soak functionality, excellent internal heat consistency and option for USB communication make the Hedinair oven an excellent oven for material research whilst its safety devices ensure the oven is as safe and reliable as possible.

Precision Temperature Control with Ramp and Soak

The oven delivers the highest standards of PID temperature control accuracy, utilising high-quality thermocouple temperature measurement, coupled with effective fan-assisted airflow to minimise stratification.

The Hedinair oven can be fitted with a programmable controller which would offer full 'ramp and soak' temperature control which can control heating rates (degrees per minute), and hold for a specific length of time at set temperatures. Although useful in a range of curing processes, 'ramp and soak' control like this is a feature usually reserved for only the most advanced ovens and autoclaves.

Temperature, ramp and soak are all fully programmable so recommended cure and post-cure cycles for different materials can be saved and run automatically for the ultimate in precision and consistency.

Features Include

  • Twin high volume low pressure air circulation fans
  • Exhaust stack and controllable fresh air inlets for the removal of fumes
  • Fume catchment hood to front
  • Counter-balanced vertical uplifting door 
  • Glass viewing window and interior light
  • Over temperature control and alarm
  • Process timer
  • Stand mounted with storage beneath

Electrical details

29 Amps


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