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Hedinair Electric Twin Compartment Oven

Stock No
Rotary mandrel curing oven
Year of Manufacture
CTG11137 / CTG1138
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
2 x 380 x 2600 x 370
Max Temp
Other Info
Composite Curing Oven
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1350 x 3700 x 2100


Hedinair 200 deg°C electric twin compartment oven with rotary mandrel fixture. 

The Hedinair 200 deg°C electric twin compartment oven with rotary mandrel fixture, was originally employed for the curing of composite drive shafts, torsion bars and fuel lines for the aerospace industry. 

The design not only heats the inner chamber, but also injects hot air directly inside the tubes to provide excellent uniformity to all of the product. The chamber itself is heated by 12kW heater banks located in the lower section of the oven which is blown into the chamber via end ports.

These ports are ducted to the heater chamber so that the air first enters from one side and then repeatedly  flip flops via the PLC control and dampers to enter from the other side the back again, this also helps to maximise the uniformity of the heating profile.

The oven can be used in either manual mode or fully automatic of which 5 stored programmes are selectable from the control panel key switch.

Under automatic mode the timer can also be used to both start and stop the oven outside of the production times.

Once the programme is complete the chamber will automatically cool down with fresh air ingress, down to a minimum of 80 degrees before then opening the door automatically and indicating the "complete" status through its mimic lights. 

Although originally specifically designed for the curing of composites, this oven can be used for any application of heating, stoving, and warming of any type of cylindrical and tubular products. 

Control panel


  • Supply on - green
  • Blower fan running - red
  • Blower fan fault - yellow
  • Heat on - white
  • Mandrel drive running - Green
  • Mandrel drive fualt - yellow
  • Process complete - green beacon
  • In cure - amber beacon
  • Fault - red beacon

Push buttons

  • Start process - green
  • Stop process - red
  • Start mandrel drive - green
  • Stop mandrel drive - red
  • Open door - black
  • Close door - black
  • Emergency stop - red

Illuminated push buttons

  • Safety relay on/reset - green
  • ETC tripped/reset - yellow


  • Auto/manual - 2 position stay putt
  • Programme select - 5 position key switch

Additional items 

  • Eurotherm 2604 temperature controller 
  • Eurotherm 3216i excess temperature controller  
  • RS232 comms port (for 2604)
  • Mitsubishi FX series PLC
  • Auto time switch
  • Enclosure fan
  • Mains isolator 




pdf icon Print / Download Hedinair Electric Twin Compartment Oven Datasheet

Additional files

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.