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Rosler Vibro-Finishing Installation 2004

Direct From Site Clearance

Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
£ 37,500 (+ VAT)
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Rosler Vibratory Mass Parts Finishing Installations
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
Stock No
2 x R420 Vibratory Bowl with Equipment
Year of Manufacture
32515/04 - 35530/04
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
2 x 420 litre bowl + 250 litre drier
High capacity mass finishing cell
Other Info
Full original operating manuals included
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands


Rotary Vibrator 1 & 2 - R420 EURO So -  Processing Bowl

  • Vibration  resistant welding construction, lined with wear resistant lining.
  • Within the processing bowl there is installed an half rise
  • The connections for water and compound supply are fitted to the upper edge of the processing bowl
  • The process bowl is provided with a chips removal cover which can be close by a screw spindle. Water drainage through holes in the chips removal cover.
  • The separation screen is made of PE material or PU material and will be fixed into the process bowl by wedges


  • The separation flap is mounted movable in the process bowl actuated by a pneumatic cylinder
  • The separation flap is lowered to the upper edge of the half rise
  • The components are transported over the screen and get out of the machine
  • The chips fall through the separation screen and remain in the processing bowl

Rotary Drier - RT 250 EURO - with Dust Extractor STA 4


  • The drive is effected by a vibration motor
  • The motor is mounted in the centre of the processing bowl
  • The unbalance packages are mounted at the upper and lower shaft end of the motor
  • The upper unbalance weight can be distorted due to the scale
  • the working intensity is depending on the movement of the component media mixture in the processing bowl.
  • With the rotation speed the mixture in the machine moves in longitudinal direction through the circular processing bowl
  • 'Taking in' spiral movement from the outer to the inner wall of the bowl

 Processing Bowl - Drier

  • Vibration-resist and welding construction with separation screen
  • The separation screen is made of stainless steel mesh wire
  • After releasing the screws the separation screen can be taken out of the rotary drier
  • Therefore the rotary drier can be used for continuous flow or batch operation
  • The opening and closing of the separation flap can be done by hand lever valve or by the switch.
  • Flat coil springs are placed between processing bowl and machine frame providing an elastic support.

Storage Table R150 TA

  • The rotation of the table is driven by a planetary gear motor with variable speeds
  • The motor is mounted underneath the table
  • The speed of the rotation can be adjusted at the drive motor
  • The round table is made if welded metal construction
  • It is mounted on a frame
  • The frame can be fixed on the floor by screws and dowels

Metering Pump RD-CN-PA

  • Stroke length adjustment knob
  • Error/operating indicator (Error - Red /Operation - Green)
  • Multifunction switch (stroke rates (in % of 180 strokes/min) stop, operating mode, 'external' (retrofit kit))
  • Power cable
  • Float switch socket
  • Suction valve
  • Discharge valve

 Sound Absorbing Lids -SDD 420 P-So

  • Control of the lid by manual solenoid valve or operation elements in the switch unit of the processing machine
  • The sound absorbing lid is moved by a pneumatic cylinder controlled by a hand lever valve (for electric operation by solenoid valve)
  • To secure the lid in case of an air pressure loss, additional gas springs are mounted
  • The lid is made of GFK material and lined with special foamed material or rubber
  • The stand is a solid welded construction
  • The slewing head is guided in bearings 
  • The cover is fixed at a cover beam
  • Cover beam and stand are connected by flanges

Discharge R290/3500 FB/T

  • The belts are driven by a worm gear motor
  • Tension effected by stretch bearings 
  • Bolted metal channel constructions
  • Belt supported above and below by support rollers
  • Height adjustment by adjustable feet

Loading Unloading - R810/1100 H - Transfer Unit

  • Made of welded metal construction
  • Functions of clamping device operated by pneumatic cylinders, controlled by magnetic valves 

R290/6000RB - Roller conveyor

  • Bolted metal channel constructions with support rollers, without drive
  • Height adjustment by adjustable feet

R290/3500 FB/T & R290/2700 FB/S Belt conveyor

  • The belts are driven by worm gear motors
  • Tension effected by stretch bearings
  • Bolted metal channel constructions
  • Belt supported above and below by support rollers
  • Height adjustment by adjustable feet

R290/650 FB/T

  • Feeding belt rotary vibrator






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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.