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GW Instek GPS4303 4-channel linear DC power supply

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The GPS-4303 CAL from GW Instek is a GPS-x303 series, 200W, 4-channel linear DC power supply. Overload, reverse polarity protection and an output on/off switch keep the power supply and its load safe from unexpected conditions.

A high regulation (0.01%+3mV), low fan acoustic noise and low ripple/noise (< 1mVrms, 5Hz to 1MHz) are maintained for channel 1 and 2 in constant voltage mode. Automated cooling fan speed control minimizes fan noise according to load conditions ensuring quiet operation. It is an ideal solution for lightweight, inexpensive benchtop or portable applications requiring high regulation & multiple outputs.

It has <= 0.5% + 10mV of CH1 tracking error, <= 0.01% + 5mV series regulation, <= 300mV load regulation, <= 2mVrms, 5Hz to 1MHz ripple & noise during tracking operation. The GPS-4303 has insulation resistance of 20Mohm (>= DC 500V/chassis and terminal) and 30Mohm ((>= DC 500V/chassis & AC cord). It has <=15mV (CH3), <= 10mV (CH4) load regulation &

  • 100V/120V/220V +10%, 230V(+10%~-6%), 50/60Hz AC power source
  • 3 digits 0.5" LED display meter with out ON accuracy ± (0.5% of rdg + 2 digits) accuracy
  • Tracking operation and auto series/parallel operation, flexible output voltage and current
  • Fan speed control circuit to minimize fan noise, stable and clean power, safety design
  • 0 to 30V (CH1, CH2), 2.2 to 5V (CH3), 8 to 15V (CH4) voltage & 0 to 3A (CH1 & CH2), 1A (CH3) current
  • 0V to 60V tracking series voltage (CH1 & CH2), 0A to 6A tracking parallel current (CH1 & CH2)
  • <= 0.01% + 3mV (CV), <= 0.2% + 3mA (CC) (CH1, CH2), <=5mV (CH3), <=5mV (CH4) line regulation
  • <= 0.01% + 3mV (<= 3A)/<= 0.02% + 5mV (> 3A) (CV) & <= 0.2% + 3mA (CC) load regulation (CH1, CH2)
  • <= 1mVrms, 5Hz ~ 1MHz (CV) ripple & noise and <= 3mArms (CC) ripple current (CH1, CH2)
  • Dimension is 255mm (W) x 145mm (H) x 265mm (D), weight is 7Kg, output ON/OFF switch

To avoid damaging the power supply, don't use it in a place where ambient temperature exceeds 40°C.The output terminals are for use only with the equipment which has no accessible live parts. The output terminals should not be connected to any hazardous live parts.

Product Information

Power Supply Output Type: Adjustable
No. of Outputs: 4 Output
Output Voltage Min: 0V
Output Voltage Max: 30V
Output Current Min: 0A
Output Current Max: 3A
Power Rating: 200W
Supply Voltage Min: 100VAC
Supply Voltage Max: 230VAC
Product Range: GPS Series
Plug Type: -SVHC: 
No SVHC (12-Jan-2017)

pdf icon Print / Download GW Instek GPS4303 4-channel linear DC power supply Datasheet

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