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Plasplant Plastics Extruder Water Sizing - Cooling Tank

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Plasplant Plastics Extruder Water Sizing - Cooling Tank

The height adjustable cooling and sizing tank allows the product being extruded to be cooled and its dimensions set directly from the plastics extruder. 

A Sizing Tank is essentially a Cooling Tank with the ability to size the product in the process. This sizing is done with the help of a vacuum chamber that submits the product to a change in atmosphere in the tank to help maintain hollows, roundness, wall thickness, and true sizing.

The sizing is done in an enclosed tank body that is strong enough not to collapse under vacuum or via directly connecting the vacuum source to the tooling through a manifold with multiple connection points. With the addition of a vacuum pump and required plumbing, a constant atmosphere is maintained in the tank. Sizing is done with associated calibration tooling that is mounted in or prior to the tank.

This further aided with a water seal chamber on the end of the tank.

Upon exiting the tank the extrusion is cooled fully by water jets spraying into the trough and returning to the inbuilt holding tank and pump.

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