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Helmut Breuer Fume eliminator plus Colasit AG centrifugal fan - Part of SMJ014

Stock No
Horizontal fume eliminator TAH-K-A. Fan CMHV 560
Year of Manufacture
Eliminator 03/1344. Centrifugal fan 510'730
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
11.200 - 19.400 m3 / h
Filter Area ft² / m²
1-3m2. Qty 12 x 1200 x 1200 veins
Other Info
45 l/min pumped wash down water
Bordeaux, France
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)


Helmut Breuer Fume control

Inlet Diameter 700 mm Outlet Diameter 560 mm
PP framework, PP profiles, PP demister, EPDM seals
Door opening on the left in the direction of air
Drop separator by inertia with continuous spraying


The separators of drops TAH-K, mark BREUER, are intended for the separation of drops of gas liquid charge. The causes for separation sound environmental protection, economic efficiency or the disadvantageous effects of separated liquids in pursuit processes.

The separators consist, in substance, of separation profiles type T 100, groups in packs of profiles. In a separator frame there are two packets, arranged one behind the other. The type TAH-K-A has an additional aerosol separator integrated between the two packs of profiles.

For cleaning and maintenance, the packages are removable laterally to the right at left as an option.


The liquid charge gas is passed through curved profiles (T1OD) which cause a change in the direction. This causes the inertia forces to be inverted, which becomes the drops by to the stroke followed by the gas, and to the walls of the profiles formed by plates. By gravitation the drops laminate downwards. Therefore, the system is only suitable for horizontal passage. Separate liquids may be reused, prepared to the deposited, depending on the medium.

Characteristic data

The considerable characteristics of droplets separated by inertia are high yields and small pressure losses. Both data essentially depend on the following data:

- current speed

- mass, flow and quantile of the drops

- density and viscosity of gases

- constructive execution of the separator

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