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VK Vision - Software - Part of SMJ014

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STS Industrie SA. Premium quality fully automatic electrolytic treatment Line - Hard Anodising
Bordeaux, France
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SIEMENS Pc card. CPU S7-300 driven by VK
Bordeaux, France


VK Vision Win/Quick view


The quick view program works on the client /server architecture. The program  performs the role VK server.exe.server.

A single instance of the program can be run on the same PC.

This program is the link between controllers and client programs.

The VK winQV.exe program performs the client role.

Multiple instances of the program can be run on the same PC.

The connection between the client and the server is done through TCP/IP

Your PC must have a network card and TCP/IP communication protocol and must be configured even if your system only has one PC

1.1 PC configuration.

The minimum configuration of a PC to run the QuickView program is as follows:
1. PC with a Pentium III 500Mhz minimum processor
2. 64 Mb of RAM
3.  100 Mb of free space on the hard drive.
4. CD-ROM Drive
5.  Color monitor with Super VGA (1024x768 minimum 17 '')
6. A Microsoft Mouse or compatible
7.  A network adapter configured with the TCP / IP protocol.
8.  Windows NT Workstation to. 4.0 SP6.0
9.  1 RS-232 for each connected component (PLC, rectifiers, etc ...)
10. 1 RS-232 serial port to connect a modem.

Supporting equipment

SIEMENS Pc Card and CPU S7-300 that works in conjunction with the VK Vision software :

PC Card - SIEMENS 6GK1561-1AA00

PCU - S7-300

(Images attached)

VK Vision SA is a company which specialises in developing custom software solutions for automation.

They been in the business for more than 20 years. Our programmers are able and determined to offer you software solutions which are user-friendly, intuitive, compatible with your production systems and fully traceable.

Taking account of the unique nature of each company and with their flexible structure, are closely attuned to your needs and to find the best solution for your systems within an optimal time-span.


Create, design and commercialise software for :

  •  surface treatment equipment
  •  industrial cleaning equipment
  •  conveyor and filling systems
  •  batch processing management

VK Vision is an incredibly responsive company for custom software automation solution bringing a personalised and effective approach to every project.

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Additional files

VK Software Manual

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.