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Vulcatherm Infa Red Oven

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Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
£ 1,500 (+ VAT)
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23 August 2017 14:00 GMT while stocks last
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10% BP will be added to your invoice
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Excess Stock from retained plastic manufacturing supplier
Stock No
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
620 x 2000 x 130
Max Temp
250 ° C
Other Info
5 zone oven
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
770 x 2000 x 660mm


Vulcatherm Tunnel Oven

This oven was originally employed on thermoforming extrusion machinery.

Medium wave infra-red emitters are utilised in upper and lower heating platens fitted to thermoforming machinery for the pre-heating of plastic sheet prior to forming into white goods.

The modular format of the heaters has a number of benefits in the application, particularly the large heater to product ratio and and individual control zone areas allowing for control over the heater input to compensate for edge convection losses

Zoning the heater platen also helps to compensate for shape factors that cause thinning of material, enabling minimum material thickness to be used

Rapid response enables energy savings by automatic power-off switching when the heater is in the standby position, during the forming cycle

Infra red heaters are used throughout the plastics industry in the manufacture of components for aerospace, automotive and packaging applications.

The products pass through the oven either continuously or by pusher system conveyor with stops. 

The 5 zone edge to edge tunnel heaters ensures quick and very effective heat transference to the product to tailor the heat distribution to exactly where it is needed with a uniform and constant temperature to within a few degrees. 

Temperature zones

The ovens can be divided into 5 different temperature zones.

Temperature zones form the most optimal temperature curve for the product. This is why the  design is unique and customised. It also enables you to take environmental and climate aspects into consideration.

Application and use

Tunnel ovens are used for lines in which the products are conveyed continuously or stop-go forward by the conveyor.

The most usual applications are:

  • Preheating and softning of products for the plastics and rubber industries.
  • Drying oven after pretreatment line
  • Curing/drying oven for liquid applied paint and inks
  • Curing oven for powder coating


It is convection ovens in which high air circulation leads to quick and effective heat transference to the product. Powerful fans distribute the heated air through ducts in the entire oven length. This construction gives a uniform and constant temperature..

Heating of the oven

The ovens is provided with 22kW of electrical heating.


It has a high standard for construction. The ovens are constructed of powder coated steel with the inside construction produced totally in stainless steel and insulation boards. 


The sides of the oven are constructed to get the lowest possible heat transference from the inside to the outside.

The thickness of the insulation is constructed for an operational temperature of 250º C.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.