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Hounsfield Bench Mounted Balanced Impact Testing Machine

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Mechanical Test and Measurement Equipment
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balanced impact
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48 ft. lb / velocity 22.7 ft. per sec
Process Application
Material Testing
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK


The Hounsfield balanced impact machine is an extraordinary lightweight and compact machine. In this machine the moving weight is equally divided between two tups (inner and outer tups) moving in opposite directions.

The total weight is only 39 lb. The test specimen is placed at the centre of percussion of these tups, so that there is no reaction at the ball bearings.

The support for the bearings and tups release mechanism is carried in a light Aluminum frame which is secured to the table. The weight at the centre of percussion of each tup is 12 lb and these points fall through a vertical height of 2 ft, so the energy stored is 48 ft. lb. and the relative velocity is 22.7 ft. per sec.

The tups are held up by the catches and are released by throwing the hammer over. Upon releasing the tups, they pass one another causing an impact on the test specimen and fracturing it. The indicating pointer records the difference in movement between the tups and the impact toughness value of the test specimen is obtained.

When the tups pass one another a non-return pawl mechanism is brought into action which prevents the tups from swinging backwards. To lower the tups move the pawl release lever inwards and raise the tups with one hand on each tup. A small rise in tup position will unlock the non-return pawl mechanism and the tups will 5 fall freely.

There is a pin lock in the apparatus that prevents the balanced impact machine from being used by unauthorised persons who might otherwise injure themselves or damage the apparatus.

Complete with sample notching tool

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