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Nederman Airmaster Auto M 42 Dry Dust Extractor

Stock No
Airmaster 42M
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
2500 // 4250
Filter Area ft² / m²
420 // 42
Other Info
Tried and tested extraction unit
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1760 x 1060 x 3700


Nederman Airmaster Auto M 42 Dust Extractor

The Auto M 42 filter unit has been designed  for the collection of all types of dry nuisance dusts,  from industrial installations.


The filter body, with full width opening front access door, is fitted with a multi vee-pocket filter bag secured by a clamping frame at its lower end. The upper end of the bag is suspended from a frame, which can pivot about its central axis. This is in turn linked by a connecting rod to the shaker drive motor, robustly located within the unit top, below the silencer enclosure.

The filter body is mounted on the pre separation steel hopper. The hopper is fitted with a quick release bin mechanism and a rectangular steel Bin of 25 l capacity

Controller unit, for remote mounting, is supplied with starter for the fan and built-in timed sequence to operate the shaker mechanism.

The Auto M range of mechanical shake filters is fitted with an efficient off-line cleaning mechanism. During normal operation with the fan running no cleaning will take place. Therefore the units are suitable for applications where there are natural breaks in production,


  • 42m2 filter area
  • 7.5kW fan set
  • Weatherproof cowl for location anywhere.
  • Clean air side maintenance to make bag changing and servicing a healthier task.
  • Pre-wired fan and shaker motors to speed installation.
  • Combination of filter bag design and efficient top mounted shaker ensures quick efficient cleaning and maximum bag life.
  • No need for compressed air.
  • Compact dimensions, with minimal height requirement.


During normal operation

  1.  During normal operation, the dust laden air from the plant travels down the supply duct
  2. The standard baffle is mounted at the inlet of the filter to break up the air flow and direct the dust downward into the hopper section while protecting the filter media from abrasive dust.
  3. The lighter dust collects on the inside of the envelope bag as clean air passes through. Finally, the clean air travels through the air handling fan where it could be returned to the plant or exhausted outdoors.
  4. The heavier dust settles in the hopper section where it can be discharged into the metal bins.


  1. Each time the filter unit is turned off, there is a 2 minute delay and then the automatic timer activates the shaker cleaning.
  2. The shaft of the shaker motor is attached to a simple cam which, in turn is attached to the shaking mechanism.
  3. The shaking mechanism pivots vigorously from side to side which causes the dust to break free
  4. from the inside of the filter bag.
  5. The dust then falls into the quick release metal bins located at the bottom of the filter unit.

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