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Hitema ECA 016 Industrial Process Water Chiller

Stock No
Year of Manufacture
005H 13845
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Ave. cooling capacity
22kW @ 15C cwlt in an ambient of 25C
Ave. Water Flow Rate
1.5 - 5.4 m3/hr at 3.4-2.2 bar
Other Info
Multi step duty chiller circuit control
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1650 x 1100 x 1300


The Hitema ECA 016 Water Chiller is renown for its durability and reliability which makes sure its users, are constantly up and running, thereby helping to increase their competitive advantage and process integrity. 

FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF THE The Hitema ECA 016 Water Chiller 

• BASE FRAME The base frame is made of heavy gauge electro-welded tubular steel sections throughout, treated with a hard an wearing exterior quality protective finish.

• STRUCTURE The sheet steel structure, which features the same passivation treatment and painting schedule as the base frame, is joined to the base by means of an electro-welded process.

• PANELLING The panelling is made of steel and finished with the same protective treatment.

• MODULARITY Facility to connect several units in parallel, also using modular chillers made by different manufacturers.

• SCALED-DOWN DESIGN The compact size of the unit makes for more efficient use of available space, with reduced footprints minimising the installation area required.

• CHILLER COMPRESSORS Tandem configuration, featuring high efficiency hermetically sealed units to ensure very competitive COP values: -

Hermetic reciprocating compressor cooled by liquid refrigerant on the suction side and protected by thermal overload and overcurrent relays

- Hermetic scroll compressor operating with very high efficiency levels and low electrical power consumption

- Semi-hermetic screw compressor equipped as standard with four capacity steps.

The electric motors feature part-winding start technology and are protected from overheating by means of thermistors embedded in the stator winding.

DUAL REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT EVAPORATORS - Self-cleaning coaxial type with high turbulence swirl profile 

Direct expansion type of innovative water/gas design, constructed of heavy gauge copper pipes, immersed in the storage tank, thermally insulated and crossed by reverse-flows of gas-water that make it possible to achieve the following:

1 - maximum effective heat exchange

2 - zero thermal dispersion

• AIR-COOLED CONDENSERS Plate core type cooling condensers with mechanically expanded copper tubes in an aluminium finned core with swirl profile to increase turbulence and hence heat exchange efficiency, complete with subcooling function.

• REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT The refrigerant circuits feature a, bi-compressor, in tandem configuration with welds executed using silver alloy weld material.

Refrigerant circuit components: -

  • Electronic lamination valve (
  • Filter-drier
  • Liquid and moisture indicator
  • Muffler
  • Suction separator with relief valve
  • De-superheaters
  • Safety pressure switches on high and low pressure sides
  • Pressure connections for charging and discharging refrigerant fluid
  • Clearly visible dual scale pressure gauges
  • Condenser coil protective guard  
  • Electrical panel ventilation

 • PERFECT CONTROL OF PROCESS FLUID TEMPERATURE Perfect temperature control is achieved through the use of compressors with continuous capacity control combined with a system of hot gas injection to the evaporator. This solution, combined with the 316 AISI stainless steel hydraulic unit, is ideal for cooling of “aggressive” industrial processes in which the temperature differential must be maintained at ≤ 1°C.

• COMPLETE HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT The flexibility of the hydraulic circuit configuration greatly facilitates the installation and commissioning of Hitema units. The flow of fluid to the evaporator is generated by means of the installed pump unit that is connected alternately.


Gas R407C 4.5kg charge
Electrical FLC 19amps
Voltage 400v, 50hz, 3ph

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