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HPC Kaeser Model TD61 Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryer

Used / Second Hand

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Used (Second Hand)
Up to 230cfm
Compressor Type
Hermetically sealed
Other Info
High efficiency air dryer
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
770 x 1200 x 1150


The HPC Kaeser Model TD61 refrigerated dryer with Secotec TM cycling control provides maximum efficiency by operating the refrigerant compressor only when necessary thus reducing operating costs.

This is achieved by utilising a thermal storage medium. The refrigerant system cools the medium to a certain temperature, cuts off and then stands by until the temperature rises to a predetermined level before switching on again.

Secotec refrigeration dryers in the TD series dry compressed air to a pressure dew point of 3 °C thanks to highly efficient thermal mass control tailored to individual needs, for outstanding savings.

Energy savings

Secotec-series refrigeration dryers feature very low energy consumption. With the energy-saving control, the thermal mass can store excess cooling capacity until it’s needed, enabling later drying without power consumption – which is highly beneficial during partial-load operation.

The quick-response heat exchanger system ensures stable pressure dew points at all times, which in turn delivers huge potential energy savings in partial-load operation and during downtime.

Easy to maintain

Secotek refrigeration dryers are extremely low-maintenance. Yet on rare occasions when service is needed, their enclosure design enables easy access to all service-relevant components, including the condenser, which is very easy to clean. All of these advantages effectively reduce servicing/testing requirements and therefore costs.

Long-term efficiency

Secotec-series refrigeration dryers are a highly attractive choice with their highly durable, low-maintenance design. Their high-quality refrigerant circuit enables reliable performance in ambient temperatures up to +43 °C – with low material-load thanks to the high-performance thermal mass.

The generously-dimensioned stainless steel condenser and Eco-drain condensate drain provide reliable condensate removal in all load phases, enabling a stable pressure dew point.

Standard Features

  • Powder coated removable side panels
  • Air-to-air heat exchanger 
  • Condensate separator
  • Electric demand drain 
  • R134a refrigerant
  • Control Panel
  • Dew point indicator
  • On/off switch
  • Power on LED light
  • Refrigerant compressor on LED light
  • Two dry contacts for Power on and High dew point temperature


  • Pressure Drop 1.5 psig
  • Compressor 1.93 hp
  • Flow @ 100 psig 240 cfm
  • Electric Voltage 230 volts 460 volts 3 Phase 
  • Connection Size 1 1/2 inches
  • Drain Connection Size 3/8 inches
  • Weight 287kg - 632 lbs
  • Dimension ( W x D x H) 770 x 1260 x 1150
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature 40°F
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature 110°F
  • Maximum Inlet Temperature 130°F


pdf icon Print / Download HPC Kaeser Model TD61 Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryer Datasheet

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