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Microwave Heated Autoclave Chamber


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Peaker Pattinson
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Pera Auction
Lot ID
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
3000 x 1000Ø
Other Info
Usable dimension 3000 x Ø700mm
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
4600 x 1600 x 2000


This bare bones Autoclave plant has been developed for using microwave energy and vacuum for rapid drying process.

The plant consists of a stainless steel autoclave chamber with controlled ports for vacuum - steam - atmosphere injection and is heated internally along its entire length by innovative industrial microwave energy, offering very fast process times and penetrative heat.

Required to this complete the process would be a steam generation plant, and vacuum system which can be sourced in other lots from this facility.

The bare bones plant could well be utilised in other industries that require processes with either positive or negative pressures and controlled heating such as composite vacuum forming, rubber and plastics industries.

The autoclaves basic principle is to control the temperature and the pressure with the ability to add steam pressure through which every desired relative humidity (balanced moisture) can be achieved. 

In order to control the process exactly, a vacuum is necessary. The autoclave process works at 100-220 mbar and starts after an initial vacuum of 80 mbar.

When the desired initial vacuum is achieved, a specialised 4 branch microwave heating of the wood takes place, controlled in accordance with a drying program through high performance ventilators.

With the aid of an external cooling condenser, the water extracted from the wood is condensed. (Not supplied) It is very important that the condensation takes place outside the dryer, so that all residual air is removed, to insure a drying free of wood color change.

The exact relative humidity is controlled with the temperature and steam until the desired final humidity of the wood is achieved.

With a conditioning phase and air equalisation, the drying is concluded.

In comparison with traditional drying and other vacuum systems, the autoclave vacuum dryer offers great advantages:

  • Modern microwave vacuum-drying technology
  • Perfect solution for difficult to dry wood types 
    (e.g. 65mm oak by 40-10% in 288 hrs)
  • High and uniform final quality of the wood, required especially in the hardwood industry (e.g. in furniture, flooring, kitchen, musical instruments, etc.)
  • (3-8 times quicker drying than conventional dryers)
  • The wood is dried without tensions
  • A very low final moisture content can be achieved, (e.g. 6% moisture)
  • Suitable for sensitive wood that tends to change colour - 100% oxygen-free drying through external condenser
  • The dried wood with have a very constant final moisture content, as desired

External control panel dimensions (w x d x h) 650 x 800 x 2000 mm

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