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PERS ZDHG200A Vibratory Maize Dryer


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200 litres
Rotary vibratory drying bowl.
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External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1420 x 1170 x 650-900


 The Pers ZDHG range of machines are predominantly used for the drying of mass parts after a vibratory or high energy disc finishing process 

The rotary dryer is constructed from a carbon steel shell with a polyurethane lining for improved traction and drive within the bowl.

The energy to drive the system is provided with a centre mounted 1.5kW drive motor with adaptable weight system, allowing the actions of both longitudinal and rotational movement of the parts to be fined tuned. The action of the bowl can then be either set to operate as a continuous single pass machine or for batch processing.

The heat source is provided by 6 x 1.5kW heaters mounted around the base unit of the machine to provide a gentle even heat distribution patter. By placing the heaters around the base any risk of damage or premature failure due to the forces generated by the vibratory action are eliminated. The temperature can be set and displayed on the control panel with a dual display digital proportional temperature controller.

Dust and debris are kept to a minimum within the work area with the attached full fibreglass cover which also assists with noise reduction of the processing machine.


The rotary dryer is filled with a maize drying media, the wet components are loaded into the machine continuously, or in batch via the side mounted loading chute, the wet components travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media, circling around the process chamber and are then separated over a manually applied separation screen (automatic discharge optional).

The discharge chute is built from polyurethane coated mesh with twin stepped decks, assisting in the turning of the parts to dislodge and expel any maize media from entrapment's and blind holes that may be on the component. 

In addition to the stain free drying whilst using the drying maize media you have the additional advantage of polishing the components, resulting in a high quality appearance of the finished product.

These machines can be specified with varying height options from 650 to 900 mm high of the loading chute to suit varying sizes of associated vibratory finishing machines.

Please feel free to arrange a demonstration in our new test and demonstration facility. 



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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.