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JLS (Redditch) Ltd 24kW Electric Box Oven

Stock No
JLS (Redditch) Ltd
Box oven
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
1070 x 1130 x 865
Max Temp
Other Info
Heavy duty industrial oven
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2500 x 1460 x 2150mm


JLS (Redditch) Ltd 400C Industrial 24kW Electric Box Oven

A heavy duty industrial process oven from one of the oldest manufactures still in production today.

Suitable for a wide range of industrial process applications such as:

- Heat treatment of alloy wheels
- Curing of composite and nylon components

Ovens for the Aerospace industry

- Solution and ageing treatment of aircraft components
- Curing of aircraft composites
- Stoving of high temperature coatings
- Compliance with BAe, Rolls-Royce and Boeing specifications

Ovens for the Aluminium industry

- Solution and ageing treatments for contract heat treaters
- Pre-heating billets
- Annealing
- Extrusion press die heating

Ovens for the Plastic industry

- Pre-heating acrylic sheets prior to thermo-forming
- Curing of composites
- Drying hydroscopic materials

Ovens for the Glass industry

- Annealing ovens
- Stress relieving of glass components
- Stress relieving of moulds

Ovens for the finishing industry

- Paint stoving
- Curing powder coatings
- Drying
- De-embrittlement

Ovens for the Electrical industry

- Motor winding burn-out
- Varnish baking
- Pre-heat for shrink fitting

Ovens for the foundry industry

- Core drying and mould drying
- De-coring
- Launder drying
- Scrap drying

Technical specifications:

- Internal dimensions 1070w x 1130d x 865h mm
- Large horizontal air flow fan
- Mounted control panel
- Dual racking each with 2 x shelves
- Eurotherm 2404 digital micro processor control
- Dual swing aside doors
- Roof mounted explosion relief panel for use with volatile fumes
- Exhaust facility for the removal of volatiles
- Insulated steel floor
- Stand mounted
- External dimensions 2500 x 1460 x 2150mm

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