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Sanyo Ultra-Low Freezer

Stock No
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
480 x 430 x 400
Max Temp
Other Info
Stainless Steel interior
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
116 kg
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
750 x 850 x 1000


A Sanyo 86 litre capacity ultra-low freezer which can achieve and maintain temperatures down to -86ºC (-123ºF) at ambient temperatures of 30ºC (85ºF). Suitable for uses such as thermal shocking, long term preservation, testing, frozen storage etc.

Specially Designed Compressor for Ultra-Low Temperature.

The refrigeration system is at the heart of producing ultra-low temperature freezing. In the process of developing various technical solutions in order to achieve and maintainultra-low temperatures, Sanyo designed a compressor especially for ultra low temperature use.

Sanyo is a leading manufacturer of ultra-low temperature freezers that develops and produces all its own components, from the refrigeration units to the micro-chips.

An Ideal Freezing Environment By Means of A Double-Insulation Wall and the “Hot Line”. In Ultra-Low temperature freezers, effective insulation is extremely critical since the temperature difference between the outside and the inner compartment can be as high as 115ºC.

The insulation used in Sanyo’s ultra-low temperature freezers is two layers of rigid, foamed in place polyurethane. This design prevents the insulation layers from distortion and cracking that might occur due to temperature differences inside and out, and creates the most efficient insulation material available today.

Moisture condensation at the top edges of the cabinet due to differences in temperature inside and out causes frost and icing problems, which may reduce heat insulation efficiency and obstruct door movements. They are prevented by the “hot line” by means of which hot gas from the higher temperature circuit is circulated through the problem areas

A Special Refrigerant and Oil to Maintain Stability and Reliability. In order to expand refrigeration capacity, a special compound refrigerant has been used. This refrigerant relieves the refrigeration system of much of its load by evaporating at a lower temperature level within the circuit. Also, a special grade of refrigeration machine oil is used with the superior properties of high rate of recovery and outstanding resistance to heat and wear. This contributes to the long life and dependability of the freezer unit as a whole.

Microprocessor Temperature Control With Digital Design.

Precise setting and temperature control. The temperature inside the freezer can be set and monitored easily by means of precise microprocessor temperature control with digital display. The thermostat utilises a platinum resistor (Pt 100) sensor which is precise and extremely durable.

Built-In Temperature & Power Failure Alarms (Lamp/Buzzer).

Protecting Contents from Trouble. In case of power failure or an irregular rise in temperature, a rechargeable, Cadnica battery-operated indicator lamp and alarm will be activated. This equipment helps ensure that the contents will be protected in the event of any power failure or mechanical trouble.

Easy to Operate.

Overall operability and dependability are greatly enhanced by improved design details. Highly durable hinges are used to support the large door so both opening and closing are facilitated. Door handles are equipped with a latch-locking system.

Chest type freezers low profile design makes the placement and removal of contents very convenient. The upright type is designed to accommodate a large capacity in a limited space. Even very narrow spaces can be readily utilised.

Super freezing capability below -86ºC (MDF-192) Specific Even with ambient temperature of 30ºC (85ºF), ultra-low temperature of -86ºC (-123ºF) can be maintained. This is made possible by means of a compact and super-efficient freezing circuit employing a miniature heat exchanger in combination with a three gas mixed refrigerant freezing circuit.

Low-profile design for easier loading and unloading. (MDF-192) Specifc The chest-type design provides a stable inside temperature and occupies a mere 29.5”(W) x 27.6”(D) (75cm x 70cm) of space. 

Electrical details

550 watts
240 vac
2.9 Amps

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