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TWK srl Apollo SLR 80 Thermal Fluid Heater

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Apollo SLR 80
Year of Manufacture
APR 80.6003
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Thermal process heater
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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620 x 1170 x 1950


TWK srl Apollo SLR 80 Thermal Fluid Heater

With thermal fluid as the heat transfer medium, users are not confronted with the well known problems of pressure, scale formation, corrosion and frost of the more traditional heating mediums.

The TWK srl Apollo SLR 80 Thermal Fluid Heater typically operates at up to 200°C at atmospheric pressure and remain fluid and pumpable down to minus -20°C and even lower with special fluids, which makes it a solution suitable for a multitude of thermal processing applications.

The TWK srl Apollo SLR 80 Thermal Fluid Heater has a vertical configuration with embedded electric heaters

Optimal distribution of the heat exchange, high fluid velocity and specialist flow control offers both long fluid life and the highest of safety.

The fully integral control panel, with system controls, expansion tank, cooling circuit and safety equipment makes this unit ready for connection to your heating fluid circuits.

The thermal fluid circulates in a cylinder heated by the electric elements and is then distributed through a low pressure network to the various sources requiring the heat source. On the return circuit a expansion vessel, ensures the elimination of entraped air, vapour and light fractions before the thermal fluid re-enters the heater chamber.

Effective fluid expansion and deaeration systems with thermal buffer are critical for the good, long term operation of a thermal fluid system. The TWK srl Apollo SLR 80 Thermal Fluid Heater Expansion Tank achieves all these functions with the simplest practicable installation.

The primary circulating pump provides the flow in the system to take the heat from the heater and
transfers it to the process. Due to the characteristics of thermal fluids heat losses are very through the insulated distribution pipe work meaning what you produce in the boiler your use at the source..

The versatility and very low running costs of thermal fluid make it suitable for a wide range of applications – from a simple, single heating duty to complete process lines comprising of multiple machines.

Process temperatures from 50 to 200ºC and space heating on demand plus heating and cooling with positive control at widely differing temperatures mean simple systems with high efficiency.

The TWK srl Apollo SLR 80 includes a brazed plate heat exchanger which allows with the use of an external water supply to to cool the oil and keep a close process control on the supplied temperature.

Here are some examples of applications and industries where thermal fluid heating is regularly chosen as the best method:

Process tank heating, reactor heating, bulk liquid storage, food processing, metal finishing, pharmaceuticals, refining and blending, marine, press heating & cooling, extrusion heating, moulding processes, laminating, drying & forming, plastics, automotive manufacturing, paper & foil coating, textile transfer printing, calendaring and ironing, printing & laminating, batch & continuous dryers, and waste treatment.

User advantages:

  • - Non pressurised system;
  • - Closed circuit no loss system;
  • - Point of use location possible;
  • - No water treatment or chemical usage required;
  • - No effluents disposal costs;
  • - No freezing hazards;
  • - The very lowest maintenance costs;
  • - Rapid start-up and shutdown with lowest standing heat losses;
  • - No boiler blowdown losses, no condensate losses;
  • - Simple plant design;
  • - Easy and accurate temperature control;
  • - Heating and cooling can be undertaken in the same system
  • - Zero carbon emmitions;
  • - Mixed temperatures can be easily achieved for different users in a single system

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