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Serfilco Titan Model W100 Auto Recycling Filter

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TITAN W100 S2921
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1250 X 1800 X 1730


Titan W100 Treated Waste Filtration System

Filtering Metal Finishing Process Solutions and for Polishing Clarified Treated Waste Treatment Streams

Material: CPVC, ST 

Performance: Down Flow 100 gpm

TREATED WASTE Flow rates to 100 GPM Capture low ppm suspended solids exiting in clarifier overflow. • OPTIONAL CARBON PURIFICATION

Designed specifically for aqueous and treated waste applications. Satisfy regulatory requirements easily and economically with flow rates to 100 GPM. A TITAN filtration system continuously recirculating clarifier overflow will capture escaping solids and can achieve 0.5 ppm with proper recirculation. In fact, polished water can be re-used in non-critical rinses.

The SERFILCO TITAN is an automatic backwash system which uses permanent filter media of a specific size, shape and density that creates a filter bed through which contaminated solution is fed at controlled limits of flow and pressure.

Microprocessor control automatically maintains constant design flow without compacting particles onto the media bed.

The automatic cycle, programmed for optimum use of backwash fluid, responds automatically to a preset minimum flow rate. Prior to the automatic backwash cycle, process solutions are purged from the system with low pressure air. During the backwash cycle, particles exit the chamber without media migration.

The process occurs within minutes, resulting in an extremely efficient backwash for each filter cycle. Re-establishment of the filtration cycle returns the system to design flow.

TITAN systems are specifically designed for use with most aqueous process solutions including cleaners, plating and other metal finishing solutions, and treated final effluents.

Each TITAN system incorporates a corrosion resistant filter chamber for use with permanent media and has electrically actuated valves, an efficient centrifugal pump, a digital electronic flow meter, pre-wired control panel and pre-programmed PLC.

Automatic control components are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure, factory wired and test cycled for all microprocessor programs.

Models, W-100, have double seal CPVC pumps. 

All units are skid-mounted,  All fasteners are SS. Prior to shipment, all units are wet tested to insure piping integrity, flow rate and complete system operation. 


• Automatic, Permanent media, High flow systems
• Produces sparkling clean solutions
• Automatic, microprocessor controlled
• Permanent media
• High flows - to 100 gpm
• Corrosion resistant - CPVC
• CE Conforming


• Dramatically reduces media and disposal costs.
• Improves finished goods and process quality, significantly increases yields, practically eliminates scrap and rework.
• Reduces chemical consumption by maintaining solution quality.
• Minimizes solution maintenance with high flow, continuous particle removal.
• Satisfy regulatory requirements by polishing clarifier overflow.


Unique to any other filtration system available, the TITAN series is the result of SERFILCO's ongoing commitment to developing "up flow" and "down flow" permanent media filtration technology.

The combination of high flow permanent media, automatic operation and proven success makes the SERFILCO TITAN superior to any other filter available.


  • MAX. FLOW GPM 100
  • kW 2.2
  • Connections 2" bsp

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