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Airflow Fabrications PVC/GRP Backward Inclined Extraction Fan Model HC 810

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Airflow Fabrications
810 HC
Year of Manufacture
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
12,000 // 20,500
Filter Area ft² / m²
Other Info
800Ø Inlet x 525 x 675 Outlet
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2100 x 1650 x 2250


Backward Inclined Industrial Extraction Fan: Model HC 810 

Many centrifugal fans and blowers fall under the classifications of Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers, Industrial Exhausters, Exhaust Blowers, Industrial Cooling Fans, Industrial Exhaust Fans, Industrial Ventilation Fans, Industrial Centrifugal Fans, and Impeller Fans. 

The term "industrial" fan means a fan of heavier construction to meet the demands of industrial operations. This includes the use of thicker build materials, larger shafts, bearings with increased bearing life, corrosion resistant materials, etc. compared to commercial or HVAC fans.

Centrifugal fans or blowers use impellers that are enclosed in a scroll shaped housing. The air enters the fan impeller through the housing inlet, turns 90 degrees and is accelerated radially and exits the fan housing through the square outlet on the top of the unit.


While a list of all the applications industrial fans and blowers are used for would be extremely long, the most common uses are:

  • Removing hazardous fumes from chemical process and process lines.
  • Cooling electrical equipment or parts.
  • Pressurising cabinets, vaults or rooms.
  • Blow-off systems to remove moisture from parts prior to painting, coating or packing.
  • General ventilation of rooms or factories.
  • Providing suction or pressure for industrial process air flotation tables.
  • Drying ink on cans and bottles, silk screen and printing processes.
  • Food processing.
  • Paint spray booth exhaust.
  • Fume hood exhaust.
  • Process cooling and exhaust of machinery and/or systems.
  • Personnel cooling in hot work areas.
  • Exhausting mist and vapour in industrial parts washers or other wet processes.
  • General ventilation using supply air and make-up air in factories, and warehouses.


  • Continuous PVC welded housings eliminates air leakage.
  • Heavy gauge steel base, with internal bracing, maximised for rigidity and mounted on an anti-vibration sub mount assembly.
  • R90 configuration.
  • Removable inlet & drive side plates allow for removal of fan impeller, or shaft and bearings, without disconnecting inlet or discharge connections.
  • Includes heavy duty, grease lubricated, self-aligning, cast iron, pillow block bearings.
  • Arranged with weatherproof housing covering belt guards and motor.
  • Powerful 180 M4 motor - 400v / 50Hz, 18.5kw running at 1456rpm.



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