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MecWash Mini 300 Series Wash Rinse And Dry Cleaning Machine

Stock No
Mini 300
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
300 x 300 x 600
Process Stages
Other Info
Wash Rinse And Dry Processing
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1720 x 1310 x 1180


This Mechwash Mini 300 system provides excellent washing performance in a single chamber, multiple process system using high volume, low pressure spray and flood washing with hot air drying facility.

Developed to satisfy the needs of inter-stage, in-cell and in some cases final machined component cleaning to high standards.

The Mini 300 parts cleaning system provides rotational washing, mist rinsing and hot air drying in a very compact footprint, saving on valuable floor space.

The Mini 300 parts washer far outperforms traditional dunk washers, rotary basket and tunnel washers for cleanliness and effective drying.

This system is ideal for the cleaning and degreasing of a wide range of metal components, removing machining and forming lubricants, metal swarf and other contaminants.

The machines are designed to accommodate standard baskets and containers or individually tailored fixtures. The versatility of the aqueous cleaning process gives you total flexibility to address various disparate components in one machine.

System integration is part of the MecWash story. It is vital that each parts washing system in the range integrates seamlessly with other handling and ancillary equipment. From manual roller conveyors, scissor lifts, load tables and cooling tunnels to fully automated loading and unloading systems each MecWash installation can be tailored to meet precise handling requirements.

The MecWash process combines rotating components held securely in baskets, fixtures or plastic containers about the horizontal axis and subjecting them to a high volume spray or flood process producing a powerful washing action that fully penetrates the workload.

The MecWash technology includes:

  • Continuous rotation of the workload ensures all component surfaces, including blind holes and drillings, are given a constant ‘flushing’ action to remove contamination.
  • Rotation during drying also eliminates the risk of solution traps in component recesses that may lead to corrosion and staining.
  • Hot air drying ensures moisture is removed from all component surfaces
  • In-Line Filtration located between the pump and workload maintains clean wash solutions and eliminates the risk of removed soils re-contaminating cleaned components.
  • Mesh strainer basket between the wash chamber and solution tanks prevents metal swarf and other debris building up in the tanks. 
  • Free oils are continuously removed using an oil skimmer.
  • Steam and chemical vapours are extracted from within the enclosed process chamber or condensed back into the wash tank.
  • Minimal heat loss due to enclosed solution holding tanks and insulation.
  • Designed to integrate with manual or automated roller conveyor handling installations or robotics

Machine features:

  • Fluid re-circulating wash tank.
  • High volume spray and flood wash (500 - 1,000 litres per minute flow) maximises parts penetration of even dense workloads. 
  • Rotational action and oscillation permits wash solution access to all faces and recesses - even 'difficult' areas such as oil galleries, blind holes and water jackets emerge fully clean and dry.
  • The design accommodates standard tote pans, plastic containers, or tailored baskets and fixtures -
  • Fully enclosed design with hot air drying - eliminating risk of fumes.
  • Fully programmable system incorporates process display, and fault diagnostics.
  • Automatic water top-up and chemical dosing
  • Hot air drying to guarantee the removal of entrapped water in deep, small diameter blind holes, internal galleries
  • Dimensions 1720 x 1310 x 1180
  • Wash Chamber Size (W x H x L) 310mm x 310mm x 620mm
  • Maximum charge Weight 50kgs
  • Filtration 500µm strainer basket, in-line filtration with user selectable filtration levels
  • Operating Temperature Typically 60 - 80°C

The Scissor lift table as viewed in the lead picture which is often used for ease of loading heavy baskets can be purchased separately against our stock number DV1170JA

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