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Wychwood Water Systems Ionmaster 20 CO Duplex Deioniser

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Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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5060 x 2800 x 2330


Wychwood Water Systems Ltd manufactures the Ionmaster range of deioniser systems, which function as a duplex units, as part of an integrated water purification system. 

The Demineralisation Plant consists of pressure vessels containing cation and anion exchange resins. 

Typically, the cation resin operates in the hydrogen cycle. The cations in the water (i.e. calcium, magnesium and sodium) pass through the cation exchange resin where they are chemically exchanged for hydrogen ions.

The water then passes through the anion exchange resin where the anions (i.e. chloride, sulphate, nitrate and bicarbonate) are chemically exchanged for hydroxide ions.

The final water from this process consists essentially of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which is the chemical composition of pure water.

Composite resin vessels with a charge of strong cation and anion resin; control-panel encompassing a conductivity measurement and alarms, etc; acid and caustic injection facility from semi-bulk containers.

The high-purity water from a demineralised plant is typically used for high pressure boiler feed, wash water for computer chip manufacture, pharmaceutical process water, micro-electronics and any process where high-purity water is a requirement.

A plc controlled system, which controls all of the functions of the ion exchange system and its associated equipment. The system is enhanced with a graphic UNIOP HMI touch screen interface.

Technical specifications:

Ionmaster CO 20 deioniser 

The Ionmaster CO comes complete with integral pumps and control system and produces deionised water of a quality suitable for most general applications.

The dual "Bill and Ben" design allows constant output with a standby and duty twin duplex water generating plant allowing the one to be in regeneration whilst the second is producing the process water.

The Ionmaster CO 20  can achieve a water quality in the range of 5-25µS/cm. at up to 20,000 litres an hour.

Pressure vessel dimensions Ø925 x 2150 mm 1000ltrs each

Sled dimensions 2150 x 1400 x 2330 mm/ 468 KG

Control and distribution panel 760 X 1300 X 1780 mm / 182 KG
240 V AC 1ph 50Hz

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