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Fladder Hansen & Hundebol 300 AUT 1400 Deburring Machine

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Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Variable speed
Other Info
1400w x 200h mm process size
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2260 x 2160 x 2240


Fladder 300/AUT1400 Deburring System

- Is an innovative deburring method based on principles which are fundamentally different from those of the more traditional methods, offering distinct advantages over wide belt sanders.

The FLADDER® deburring system employs an entirely new method based on a principle which is fundamentally different from those of traditional deburring methods. The abrasive tool in the FLADDER® deburring system is a flexible tool with a number of slats or strips of abrasive material which rub tightly against the part, closely following its contours.

The part is deburred in both a counter rotating orbital plane and an oscillating movement from side to side with two drive units each with six spindles arranged in three pairs of counter-rotating abrasives.

Due to the flexible nature of the abrasive and the action of cutting in every direction, intricate parts, extrusions and deep recessed castings can be processed with ease and security of finish.  

As a result of the added oscillating movement it is possible, for instance, to feed parts through the machine side by side, and still be certain that they will be uniformly deburred.

The oscillating technique is necessary when deburring holes, and slots as the edges are processed from all angles.

The abrasive flap wheels fitted to the spindles are quick to change and come in a wide range of materials and abrasive sizes which means the machine can quickly be set up to provide a wide range of finishes from stock removal, surface conditioning, de-nibbing, down to edge deburring and radiusing of coated parts such as:

Zinc plated, electroplated parts, parts with a coating or stainless steel pieces with a protective plastic sheet can be processed without any critical damage to the surface layer.

With the added features of variable speed spindle and table drives, nothing is impossible to process with this innovative surface finisher. 

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