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Dust Hog United Air Specialists SUPRA-CONIC Cartridge Dust Collector

Stock No
Dust Hog
SC1700 - D
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
700-1,800 CFM // 1,200-3,000 m3h r
Filter Area ft² / m²
192 // 17.8
Other Info
Compact high performance extractor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
180 kg
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
910mm x 819mm x 1956mm


The Dust Hog Supra-Conic dust collector is designed to collect process-generated dusts. The Supra-Conic is a high-efficiency, intermittent-duty, small cabinet cartridge collector.

The Supra-Conic unit is also equipped with a self-contained, reverse air pulse cleaning system.

The dust collector is designed for automatic downtime filter cleaning by means of a built-in compressed air system. 

There are two primary modes of operation — the air filtering operation and filter cleaning cycle

AIR FILTERING OPERATION The Supra-Conic is a compact, high-efficiency, vertically orientated dust collector equipped with a cone-shaped cartridge filter.

The unit includes a backward-inclined fan wheel for quieter operation and higher airflow performance, as well as a self-contained air pulse cleaning system designed for downtime cleaning.

The contaminated airstream enters the dust collector through the rear and or side inlets. The airstream velocity is reduced and channeled by a series of inlet baffle plates which produce even dust loading distribution across the conical cartridge filter.

The conical shape of the filter provides increased media surface area along with an inherently lower pressure drop across the filter. This allows greater external static pressure capabilities and requires less horsepower (kilowatts) to run.

The filter media strips the dust from the airstream allowing only the clean air to pass through the filter. The clean airstream then moves through the tubesheet into the lower blower chamber compartment which houses a Goyen diaphragm valve.

The clean airstream is pulled upward through a backward-inclined blower fan wheel and is exhausted out the top of the cabinet.

FILTER CLEANING CYCLE During normal operation of the intermittent-duty dust collector, the surface of the cartridge filter becomes loaded with contaminants.

Upon start-up, the downtime filter cleaning system will automatically engage and the air manifold is pressurized to 93 PSIG (6.5 BAR) by a self-contained air compressor.

However, the air pulse blast does not activate until the unit is shut down. One minute after the fan is deactivated, the diaphragm valve will discharge 93 PSIG (6.5 BAR) of air into the center of the conical filter for 0.5-1.0 seconds.

The flexing of the filter media and the pulse airflow breaks the collected particles from the filter media and the particles fall downward into the dust drawer for disposal. 


700 - 1800 CFM
Pulse timing control
2.2kw Motor
208 - 460 vac
RPM: 2868
Cartridge Type: Supaconic

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