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Nederman P30 Mobile on Torch Vacuum System

Stock No
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
140 // 240
Other Info
Portable unit
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
650 x 1000 x 1170


P30 portable product for capturing and eliminating welding fumes and dust at source

Welding fumes affect the welder´s health conditions, end product quality and production equipment. It reduces capacity, disturbs the production and decreases the bottom line result.

A prosperous business demands sound, and safe workplaces. Nederman portable welding fume and dust collectors can make a big change! Capturing fumes at the source is the only effective way to eliminate the health hazard. Nederman's portable Welding Fume and Dust Extractors are cost effective for any budget.

  • Portable filters for versatile use
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Cleanable filters - low operating cost
  • Safe disposal of collected dust

Nederman P30 series

These three phase units are efficient, economical and easy to handle. They are very easy to dismantle and clean. The location of the (optional) micro filter prevents contamination of the pump. The forward/reverse switch saves time when moving between work sites with different phase sequence. Long filter lifetime - 4000 - 6000 hours - with bag filter.

P30 I combines high performance, mobility and economy.

Nederman P30 I are efficient, economical and easy to handle. They are very easy to dismantle and clean.

The location of the (optional) micro filter before the vacuum pump prevents contamination of the pump. The forward/reverse switch saves time when moving between work sites with different phase sequence. The low noise level makes the models highly suitable for cleaning operations in noise sensitive industrial environments.

P30 I: The bag filters are easy to clean and have a lifetime of 4-6000 hours. With a micro filter (optional) the unit will filtrate very fine particles.

High filtration capacity:

• Fine filters with high filtration capacity (95%)
• Micro filter as option Long filter lifetime:
• Cleanable fine filters with smooth surface
• High filtration efficiency ””protects”” the micro filter
• Efficient filter cleaning Low running costs:
• Filter lifetime 4-6000 working hours
• Long lifetime blower (20-25000 hours)
• Sturdy frame work

Safe to use:

• High filtration efficiency
• CE-approved
• All filters before fan
• Plastic bin liner protected by bin

Easy to operate:

• Good weight/capacity ratio
• Easy to clean filters
• Easy to change filters
• Well balanced
• Manual phase shifter
• Lifting hook

High extraction power:

• Max vacuum -30 kPa / 120 in. W.G.
• Always clean filters

Lower noise level:

• 71dB(A) for P30 I 

How it works:

1. Dust particles are vacuumed into the filter system.
2. Heavier particles are separated and fall into the textile filter bag or the plastic bin liner. The textile filter bag has a high filter efficiency (95%) and can also handle wet materials.
3. Fine particles are captured on the outside of the bag filter. The filter captures particles down to the size of 1 micron. The bag filter is cleanable giving a longer lifetime (4000-6000 working hours).
4. A micro filter separates the smallest, finest and most dangerous particles. Filter efficiency 99,997% at 0,3 micron.
5. Clean air recirculates


  • Model specific P30 l 
    Voltage 3x400 V 
    Frequency 50/60 Hz 
    Maximum vacuum 30 kPa (120 in.W.G) 
    Filter cleaning Yes 
    Casing Steel 
    Motor power (W) 3000/3500 
    Maximum flow m³/h (cfm) 240 (141)
    Dust bin volume 35/28 l (9.1/7.3 gal) 
    Weight 74 kg (163 lb)

    Bag filter Yes 
    Micro filter Optional 
    Plastic bin liner Yes 

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