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Industrial Electrical Elements Extrusion Warming - Drying Oven

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Pipe & Extrusion Warming - Drying Oven
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
Internal Size: 500 x 545 x 4050
Max Temp
Other Info
Designed for the pipe industry
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
620 x 680 x 4440


Pipe & Extrusion Warming - Drying Oven

Pipe & Extrusion Warming - Drying Oven for use in the Plastics and Rubber industries for the controlled warming and drying of thermo plastic pipes and extrusions. 

The forced circulating-air oven heats uniformly at consistent temperatures. The oven consist of an outer and inner shell separated by a space containing rockwool insulation. Inside, the ovens have thermostatically controlled heaters. Baffles and an electric fan to ensure even heat distribution.

The unit is constructed from a heavy duty frame fitted with painted outer panels and the interior chamber is made from stainless steel chamber which is both easy to clean and maintain. 

The unit is fitted with a separate simple control panel including a microprocessor digital controller for setting and displaying the actual temperature within the chamber and a process timer for the control of the soak time within the oven.

The unit has a vertical cross flow forced air circulation and is heated by 8 mm sheathed incoloy elements. The fan is roof mounted and draws the air upwards through the fan then returns it via the internal air ducts whilst passing it over the heaters as it goes. The warmed air is then returned to the chamber through the baffles in the base offering a linear flow through the oven and allowing forced convection of both the the internal and external walls of the tubes.


Internal Size: 850 x 900 x 2160

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