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Guyson International Allkal AB Allka-Jet C.BSRT-M111 Degreaser

Stock No
Guyson International
Allka-Jet C.BSRT-M111
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
400 x 600 x 330mm
Process Stages
3 Stage Wash, Rinse and Hot air dry
Other Info
Multi stage filtration support equipment
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2000 x 2000 x 2400 mm


Guyson Allkal AB Allka-Jet C.BSRT-M111 Degreaser

The AllKa Jet system provides excellent washing performance in a single chamber, multiple process system using high volume, spray and flood washing with air knife and hot air drying facility.

Similar in function to the MechWash range of machines only in a much more compact package.

This system is ideal for the cleaning and degreasing of a wide range of metal components, removing machining and forming lubricants, metal swarf and other contaminants. The machine is further equipped with large filtration chamber and an oil separating coalescing filter.

All wetted parts of the machine are constructed from stainless steel, and this means that the machine is able to carry out a wide range of cleaning, surface preparation and surface finishing processes including chromate conversions and phosphate coatings

High volume spray and flood wash maximises parts penetration, even with dense workloads.

The rotational action and variable angle oscillation allows the wash solution to cover all of the faces and recesses including even 'difficult' areas such as oil galleries, blind holes and water jackets The parts then emerge fully clean and dry.

The design accommodates standard tote pans, plastic containers, or tailored baskets and fixtures in the rectangular work carrier. The fully enclosed system has a steam exhaust stack with condenser fan. A comprehensive but easy to operate Siemens S7-300 OP7 PLC operated control panel including machine interface panel and digital temperature controllers. 

Other features include automatic water top-up and chemical dosing and solution filtration.

Technical features include:

Max basket size: w x d x h 600 x 400 x 330mm
Maximum weight: Standard 100 kg
Wash and rinse chamber with flood and drain facility
Basket carrier has oscillation and full rotation facility.
Capacity 4-5 charges / hr
Wash/rinse Temp range 40-70°C
Drying Temp range 90-125°C
Dryer air flow 1200 m³/h
Wash/rinse tank capacities 450l
Wash/rinse tank heating 8kW
Wash pump CRK 16 120/12 13-14bar
Rinse pump CRK 16 120/8 9-10bar
Power requirements 3 ph + N 400 Volt 50Amp

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