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Nederman VAC 20-1500 High Vacuum System with F12B Flexfilter

Stock No
VAC 20-1500
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
900 CFM // 1.600 m3/h
Other Info
Centralised vacuum extraction system
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1520 x 1200 x 1300mm


Nederman VAC 20-1500 High Vacuum Extraction System with F12B Flexfilter

Low operating costs, efficient and reliable.

Nederman VAC systems, a cost effective solution for better working environments, based on a powerful vacuum unit, of modular design dust collector, and a modern control unit/starter.

A VAC unit is the right choice for high vacuum extraction of welding fumes, dust from sanding and grinding operations and general clean up applications.

A VAC unit is the perfect extraction source:

• When a large number of working stations require dust extraction.
• When you need a flexible solution matching an expanding production.


VAC units are available in several sizes. 8-40 extraction points can be in operation at the same time, served by one single unit. If you need more extraction points, any capacity can be achieved by parallel connection of two or more units.

Low operating costs

VAC units are designed for use in modern systems with automatic vacuum valves. This means that the air flow can vary rapidly from max flow to zero flow; the power consumption adapts to the present need. The VAC unit comes to a complete stop when not used, if the optional automatic start/stop function is used.


• Reliable
• Easy to install
• Low noise level
• Low operating costs

Typical uses

• Preventing dusts from spreading in the work shop. Desirable for a clean production and a good working environment.
• On-tool high vacuum extraction during cutting and trimming of composites eliminates the dust before it can spread in the premises.
• Workplace cleaning can be carried out in an effective and environmentally friendly way. Floors, work benches, ventilation pipes, filters and other work spaces are easy to keep clean with high vacuum extraction.
• Welding fumes will be extracted where generated. The on-torch extraction follows the operator’s every movement.
• Also suitable for other purposes like removing flour dust in bakeries, foam and dust in textile industries, industrial chemicals etc.


Suitable for dust, welding fume, and debris

Dust collector with 2-stage filtration. Central inlet with velocity reducer. Fully automatic filter cleaning. Can easily be equipped with a great variety of filter materials, bins, emptying systems, explosion relief panels etc. Standard equipped with circular bags of polypropylene. PTFE or antistatic filters on request.

Technical Data Vacuum unit VAC 20-1500 

  • Max air flow: 1.600 m3/h (900 CFM).
  • Max. vacuum: - 50 kPa (7.25psi). 
  • Separation: ≈99.95 % (fine dust).
  • Inlet/outlet: Ø 200 mm. (8in)
  • Bag type filters designed for dust, welding fume and debris.

Operating Temperature -20 - +40°C (-5 - +100 F)
Inlet Ø 200 mm (7.78 in)
Outlet mm (in) Ø 200 (7.78)
Weight without motor kg (lb) 370 (805) 
Max. vacuum kPa (in.W.G.) -20.1 (80) 
Specified capacity m³/h / kPa (cfm / in.W.G.)) 1500 / -20 (883 / 80)
Max flow at rated motor power m³/h (cfm) 2300 (1354) 
Noise level, ISO 11201 dB (A) 71
Noise level2, ISO 11201 dB (A) 66 
Motor power kW (HP)  22 (30) 
Control voltage 24 V DC ± 10% (solenoid for 24 V AC enclosed)
Compressed air quality: Clean dry, ISO 8573-1 class 5
Required air pressure 6 - 10 bar (87 - 145 PSI)
Material recycliing Approx. 95 to 97 weight -%



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