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Walther Trowal DLT 4 Rotary Dryer

Stock No
Walther Trowal
Year of Manufacture
1980 // 81
04376 // 11.251
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
1,000 (kg/h)
Continuous parts dryer
Other Info
High throughput machine
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1100 x 2600 x 1650/2000mm


This second hand Wheelabrator Walther Trowal DLT4 parts drier is for the drying of mass produced parts on a continuous basis. Ideally suited as a secondary process after mass parts finishing in vibratory and high energy systems.

After the finishing process, the finished, but wet parts must normally be dried. With  the Walther Trowal rotary drum type driers of the model range DLT, the parts are gently and stain free dried in a heated drying medium consisting of corncob, ground walnut shells or wood chips.

- For large quantities of small parts, i.e. flat bulk parts.
- Especially suited for drying of cup-shaped parts.

Functional principle

The parts are transported through a rotating screen drum in a continuous mode. The drying of the parts takes place with heated drying medium.

- Electrical heating with variable temperature adjustment.

- Built-in rotating screen drum for separating the parts from the drying medium.

- Automatic return of the drying medium to the heating zone.

- Travel (heating) time adjustable from 2 to 4 minutes.

- Continuous operation facilitates the linking of the drying process with production stages prior to and after drying.

DLT 4 Specification

Max. heating capacity (kW) 10
Power of main drive (kW) 0.37
Max. parts throughput's (kg/h) 1,000
Rotational drum speed (RPM) 3.5/7
Barrel diameter x length (mm) 840x1,700
Hopper chute dimensions(mm) 480 x 330mm (inlet - 180mm Ø)
Screen drum ø x length (mm) 660Ø x 700mm depth
Screen drum- perforation (mm) 6
Weight, empty (kg) 822


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