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Weir Pumps Ltd Standby and Duty Pump Set

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HC 125-100-200 Twin Set
Year of Manufacture
Flow rate 366 m3/hr
Process Application
Water distribution
Other Info
Dual pump set mounted on common sled
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1550 x 2700 x 1750mm


Pressure boosting is increasingly used in a range of applications in HVAC&R. The application of appropriate pump sets and ancillary devices will be determined by the type of application in commercial and industrial developments.

These can range from open systems – such as the supply of potable water, hot water, fire protection systems and
condenser water systems – through to closed systems – such as heating systems (low, medium and high pressure) and chilled water distribution. 

If you have a building of more than two storeys or have a reduced / fluctuating mains water pressure you may need a booster set. If you have a private water supply (borehole) that discharges water into a reservoir or header tank for onward transport you may need a booster set.

As system water is drawn off, the pressure within the hydro - pneumatic accumulator will decrease. This accumulator contains a small amount of pressurised water to meet limited demand from the system. Should the
demand continue the pressure within the accumulator will decrease until such time
as the pre-set cut in point is reached when the lead pump will be automatically started.

This pump will continue to operate until such time as the system demand has ceased and pressure within the hydro - pneumatic accumulator has been re - established when, the pressure switch will operate the pump run on timer. This method of control will exclude pump hunting and the need for large vessels. 

Two pump set

Two pump sets can be sized as 100% duty and 100% standby or Lead / Lag mode with the total set duty split equally between the two pumps i.e. 50% / 50%

Duty rating of each pump

Flow rate 183 m³/hr

Head 34 m

Suction pressure 1 bar

discharge pressure 4.5 bar

Temperature range 5-60°C

inlet/outlet - Ø150mm/ Ø160mm

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