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Wraps UK ES60 manual two reel sleeve wrapping machine

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£ 3,950 (+ VAT)
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£ 2,950 (+ VAT)
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£ 1,475 (+ VAT). Available for immediate collection.
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14 December 2017 14:00 GMT while stocks last
Stock No
MAXI 25-40T / ES60.35R
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
500 x 1000 x 360mm / 600 x 500 x 450mm
Max Temp
Other Info
Complete with outfall conveyor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
450kgs overall
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
700 x 1000 x 1550 + 900 x 800 x 1500mm


The Wraps UK ES60 manual two reel sleeve wrapping machine is the lowest cost method of producing a shrink wrap for transit purposes. The system consists of the ES60 sleeve wrapper and the M25.40T shrink tunnel. Each machine uses a 13 amp single phase electricity supply making it an extremely mobile wrapping solution.

Shrink wrapping for transit purposes uses Polythene shrink film, the lowest cost shrink wrapping film available. One reel of film is mounted at a high level and the other is mounted at a low level. The two reels are joined by the sealing head, forming a curtain of film through which the product is pushed.

The product to be wrapped is manually pushed through the curtain of film, enveloping the product. The sealing jaw is then brought down by hand, cutting and sealing the film producing a loose sleeve of film around the product.

The next product to be wrapped then pushes the wrapped product into the heat shrink tunnel. In the tunnel the heat shrinks the film around the product leaving two open ends at the sides. The width of the film used compared to the width of the product determines how much of an open end is created.

The ES60 is suitable for products up to 550mm wide and 400mm high. Speed of operation is up to 400 products per hour.


variable belt speed,  and temperature control of both the heat tunnel and the sealing arm.

Outfall rollertrack - 1820 x 450 x 800mm


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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.