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Loser Model KS 350 Belt Linishing Machine

Stock No
KS 350
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
1500 // 3000 rpm
5.5 // 4
Other Info
Universal belt grinding machine
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1500 x 650 x 2500mm


The LÖSER KS 350 contact grinding machine system

A Löser abrasive belt grinding machine offers the most flexible grinding / linishing on the market today.

The combination of basic machine plus a variety of contact arms and attachments offers dozens of possible
applications for many different purposes.

There are over 20 standard attachments available for this machine allowing it to be used for centerless grinding,
internal polishing, grinding of hollow bodies and small radius and turbine blade finishing to name but a few.

Fields of application of these abrasive belt grinding machines include:


*Medical engineering

*Aircraft industry

*Vehicle construction

*Mechanical engineering

*Specifications Abrasive belt grinding machine, type KS 350

*Grinding belt length 3000-4000 mm

*Grinding belt width 5 - 75 mm

Loser KS 350 Belt design features::

*Drive motor 4 kW (standard design) with fitted variable speed inverter drive

*Drive wheels of 100 - 280 mm diameters = 3 - 46 mtr./sec. belt speed

*Mechanical belt tensioning

*In case of a belt break the drive is immediately disconnected. Therefore, the risk of an accident is eliminated.

*Contact disks of 50 - 400 mm diameters, with a wide choice of grinding attachments for any kind of surface


*Maintenance-free, dust-proof contact disk bearing with permanent lubrication, contact disk change in less than 1 minute.

*LÖSER abrasive belt grinding machines open up new fields of application for belt linishers that in the past could not be processed with normal belt grinders.

*When using 3 to 4 m long grinding belts, the 3-contact wheel system ensures the constant and optimal belt speed no matter which contact disk diameter is being used.

*Driven by the motor pully, the three pully system allows the belt which is constantly tensioned a higher degree of
torque at the same motor rating.

*When working with Scoth-Brite disks or belts or with felt polishing belts, the drive can be infinitely adjusted even for speeds as low as 3 mtr. /sec.

Due to the advantages offered by the 3-contact point system, any required surface finishing is possible using contact disks from 50 to 400 mm, contact rolls or contact rollers from 15 to 50 mm, contact belts of 6 or 30 mm width, polishing brushes, polishing disks and polishing belts.

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