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Lancer 1600 UP Laboratory Grade Wash system

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Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
620 x 875 x 1100mm
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Multi Wash Rinse And Dry Options
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1250 x 900 x 2000mm



The 1600 UP fully automatic washer/dryer has an electronic programmable microprocessor capable of storing up to 40 programs (4 pre-programmed,36 user definable, password protected) for pre-wash, wash, rinse, acid rinse, purified/DI rinse, and chamber drying.

These units are capable of injection cleaning on 1 to 4 levels with 5 possible rack locations providing maximum capacity through multiple chamber configurations.

Each levels has telescopic, load bearing arms, eliminating the need to handle loaded racks. Chamber drying in this model comes as standard. Drop down door provides a loading platform and eliminates the need for a separate loading trolley /cart.

The 1600UP washer has an on-board chemical storage facility with liquid level sensors. 


  • Dimensions:
  • External: 70” H x 34.75” W x 33.75” D
  • Internal: 33.75” H x 25.75” W x 26” D 
  • Wash chamber load area:
  • Loading Height: 28.54” (725 mm)
  • Water Consumption:9.25 gal per fill (35 Lper fill)
  • Heat Loss: 5,950 Btu/hr (1,744 watts)
  • Sound Level:<67.2 dBa
  • Cycles: 4 pre-programmed, 36 user defined
  • Injection Cleaning:1 to 4 levels with 5 possible rack positions
  • Dosing: Automatic detergent and acid dosing via peristaltic pump
  • Chemical Storage:Front access cabinet
  • Drying: Chamber Drying

Standard Features:

  • Drop Down Door
  • Counterbalanced for ease of operation
  • Ensures proper rack placement and connection to manifold
  • Manufactured of solid 304L stainless steel
  • Insulated to reduce heat loss and noise
  • Provides loading platform eliminating need for loading cart

Fully Extendable, Load Bearing Arms

Supports  jet racks for loading and unloading of glassware and eliminate need for loading cart

Spray System

Includes one rotary spray arm in top of chamber / five rotary spray arms in the bottom of the chamber. Spray arms are made of # 4 sanitary high-grade 304L stainless steel easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance

System Wash Levels

1 to 4 levels. Rack actuated via 5 automatic manifold connections when the door is closed. Rack accessories independent and easily removable for use on all levels

Drying System

Chamber drying achieved with 3.6 kW of heating elements and a blower providing drying up to 110° C

Filter System

Three stainless steel filters protect recirculation and drain pumps from debris. Filters easily removed for cleaning. Filters on all incoming water lines

Peristaltic Detergent and Acid Pumps

Provides precise addition of chemical agents as required.

Wash Solution Heating System

18 kw electric heating elements provide heating up to 95° C

Electronic Thermostat

Independent selection of temperature for pre-wash, wash acid rinse and final rinse between ambient and 95° C

Microprocessor Control System

User programmable with 36 storable programs and 57 user definable functions. Individually selected user programs stored in memory

Systems Control Panel

4-½ inch LCD display window with 2-line x 16 characters and program naming capability. Touch pad is waterproof and glove friendly

Water Level Sensors

Two independent sensors control chamber water level and prevent overflow

Programming and Cycle Operation:

  • Pre-Wash- Selects number of Pre-Washes (0 to 3), length of Pre-Wash (up to 30 minutes), temperature of water (upto 95°C) and detergent
  • Wash- Select length of Wash (up to 30 minutes), deter-gent dosing time and temperature of water (up to 95°C)
  • Running Water Rinse 1- Select number of rinses (0 to 9) Unit fills with water rinses for 30 seconds and drains
  • Acid Rinse- Select length of Acid Rinse (up to 30 minutes), temperature of water (up to 95°C) and amount of acid
  • Running Water Rinse 2-Select number of rinses (0 to 9). Unit fills with water rinses for 30 seconds and drains.
  • Pure WWater Rinse COLD- (DI Rinse) Select number of Pure Water Rinses (0 to 4) and length of Rinses (up to30 minutes)
  • Pure Water Rinse HOT- (DI Rinse) - Select length of Hot Pure Water Rinse (Up to 30 minutes) and temperature of water (up to 95° C)
  • Drying- Programmable for up to 90 min and up to 110 ° C
  • Cooling- User selects length of cooling (up to 30 minutes)
  • Safety Features:Drop Down Door Eliminates the safety hazard associated with guillotine-type doors. Counterbalanced for safe operation


Wash chamber and door Constructed of AISI 304L stainless steel. High-grade finish is electronically welded under Argon protection


Constructed of stainless steel or other materials impervious to the effects of detergents, additives and general laboratory chemical residues


Synthetic, rubber based closed cell foam which guards against heat loss and reduces noise levels


pdf icon Print / Download Lancer 1600 UP Laboratory Grade Wash system Datasheet

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